10 Best Body Weight Exercises

Stay home but want to play sports? you
do not have access to a gym or do not have a budget
invest? Here are the best body weight exercises for workouts
simple home sports without equipment.

Why are these
best body weight exercises

If you exercise without equipment at home, you will
Exercise opportunities are much reduced. The best exercises
to body weight will be those who will work maximally with muscles while
while remaining sufficiently effective. Here is the list of the best exercises
body weight in my opinion.


It is simply one of the best exercises
physique, with or without weights. It's like making the movement sit down
gently on a chair. This exercise therefore involves all the muscles in the
legs and buttocks, but also a strap. Remember to check well
your attitude and keep your back straight when you get an absorption.

Using an elastic band provides strength for even more results


Also there, a very complete exercise involving the whole
Upper body: Arms, pectorals, back and abdomen and lower back. believe
keep your back straight and go down as low as possible without
the chest touches the ground. Be careful, it's your arms that don't bend
butt that bends! This exercise is really one of the best
body weight training.

Pumps are one of the best exercises in body weight


This exercise is also very complete and very interesting.
from a cardio perspective. By linking a pump and a jump squat, we
The whole body works as you increase your heart rate. After
the series with this exercise, sweat is guaranteed!

Pull ups

The exercise requires some training and having support
properly attached. But it is a very effective exercise to develop not only
the back, but also the arms and shoulders. If you can't go up,
You can help yourself with a step to start in the high position and not do it
take the descent while controlling the speed as much as possible. Go back with the step
and so on. You will see that you will come quickly!

Withdrawals will help you strengthen the width of your back and improve the thin waist effect


Another perfect exercise for the lower body and strap
Abdominal. In addition, with your back against a wall, is this exercise
especially safe for your back. Legs bent at right angles, buttocks
and hold your back against a wall and hold for as long as possible.


If you were just doing an exercise, that would be it
it. By deepening the drip strap, it helps you
Maintain better posture on a daily basis. Practice regularly
can have a beneficial effect on back pain, especially in the lower back.

Flat belly, better posture, the board is made for everyone!

it superman

Lie on your stomach with your arms extended forward, lift up
At the same time, arms forward and take off your feet by stretching them back.
Maintain the position for 2 seconds while covering your back and releasing it. Then restart.
Imagine Superman flying to help you visualize the position (hence
the name, logical!). You can also start your arms along
body and spread them apart to find arms that are stretched forward.


One of the most effective exercises for exercising
legs and glutes! Be sure to check that as you go down
The knee does not exceed the tip of your foot and go down to the knee
the rear almost touches the ground. There are many variants: static,
alternating legs, advances, cross legs, etc.

Another variant of the raised hind legs

One leg squats

This is another version of the squat, but this variant is
very interesting and will help you strengthen your legs in a very interesting way.
It will also improve the overall balance. It's all about sitting on one
chair resting on one leg. By getting up, contract well
glutes and thighs by covering abs. Does that sound easy? one
talk about it again after testing!

In video: Lower body workout without special fat burning equipment

Well, I hope these exercises are especially useful for you to work out at home. These are, in my opinion, the best body weight exercises. Even if you don't use weights, regular exercise will help you build muscle effectively. Gradually increase the number of repetitions and remember to do the full amplitude exercises for best results. Do not hesitate to read my tips for effective training to put the odds on your side.

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