10 weight loss exercises you need to learn

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Before learning to acquire any other fitness tool, you need to acquire what you already have: your weight! Exercising using only your weight is not only comfortable, but also prepares you for external resistance later.

Craft these 10 weight loss exercises

Life can be busy between children, work, responsibilities and personal time! And sometimes that means gym time is set aside.

Learning to master weight exercises will not only keep you strong, but will also make you more consistent! If you don't need any equipment, you can train absolutely anywhere. It saves time, planning and common sense!

In addition to comfort, training only allows you to prepare for loaded workouts later using your own weight. Possessing your own weight helps to prevent injuries, keep you balanced and make you strong.

Below are ten weight exercises that everyone should learn to increase their strength.

Exercise No. 1 Bulgarian Split Squats

This cute one-sided exercise is challenging! It is extremely complicated on its own and makes your feet burn. By changing the angle of the torso, you can choose to work more on the front of your legs (staying upright) or on the back of your body (breath slightly forward to catch more gluten and femur).

Go to the squat position and then select only one leg. Only start squatting on that leg. The challenge is to get as low as possible without falling over, while maintaining the leg, buttocks and heart muscles involved.

This exercise is challenging and creates strength and mobility for the hips and legs. Plus, it comes with a lovely stretch of the quadriceps muscle!

Exercise No. 2 Push-Ups

This chest exercise is a classic and there are so many ways to perform as well as promote it. If you're just getting started, get the right form before moving on to more advanced options. There, you'll find the variation that best suits your skill level, and get there.

Start with a plank, essentially slightly wider than usual. From there, lower your body as a whole (do not immerse your chest or hips) until your hands are 90 degrees from your elbows. If this is not yet possible, do the same, but on your knees.

It takes a lot of stress off and then you can move on from there.

Exercise No. 3 Glute Bridge

Learning to properly engage your buttocks will not only help your workouts tremendously later, but will also improve your posture, help relieve lower back pain and, of course, make you stronger. Start by lying on the floor on your back, knees bent and feet about hip width. Keep your feet firmly planted and lift your hips to the ceiling, trying to make a flat line from knees to hips to shoulders.

As part of the pelvic floor, gluten keeps us strong both internally and externally. Although there are many variations in this exercise, it is essential to learn how to properly activate gluten before proceeding.

Exercise No. 4 Squats

weight, workout, self - making, home workout

Although squatting is theoretically a daily function, most people do not use the muscles needed to perform it properly. Work to improve your squatting by adding breaks at the bottom so that your hips really open and your buttocks get to work. From there, you can promote the exercise in all sorts of ways.

It looks exactly like the image you entered in this article. Keep your focus on smooth movements. Point your buttocks down directly behind your ankles and keep your knees out so you can't knock. The back of the head should remain properly aligned and you can squat freely.

Exercise No. 5 Romanian weight gain

Everyone must be in control to avoid back pain. Hip breathing is a critical movement and one of the most common misconceptions (ever heard of someone helping a friend move and they hurt their back?).

Learning to learn breathing from the hips ensures that your back is not only protected, but also develops enough strength through the rear chain to keep you strong and uninjured. Not sure how to secure the soul to the hip? Watch it here.

Weightlifting in Romania is an amazing exercise because it gives you immediate feedback. If you don't feel it in the back of your legs, there's something wrong with the shape – it's that simple.

Later, once you have mastered the movement, the weight version is still an amazing exercise to use in warm-ups so that your body can prepare for loaded exercises.

Exercise # 6 RKC Plank

Planks have become a staple in every home workout! Unfortunately, many people are unable to bind their entire bodies during exercise. RKC (Russian Kettle Challenge) planks ensure that this is not an option. The idea of ​​this board style is to focus on squeezing each muscle and isometric contraction from head to toe.

This form is exactly as you can see in the cover image of this article.

You will not keep this type of training for a long time. In fact, small shrinkage episodes are best and should not last longer than twenty seconds.

Exercise No. 7 Inverted

This exercise helps to strengthen strength and stability through the lower body. You can adjust the position of your torso to target specific areas of your legs, or choose a walking lung to focus on your aerobic capacity! No matter what you choose, you know that this exercise will challenge you.

When you stretch out of position, you simply stretch your leg to the bent position of the knee. To get started, step back, change legs, and repeat!

Exercise No. 8 with lying on your back

This exercise is similar to the glute bridge, but focuses more on the femurs. Holding the legs longer and focusing on knee extension (straightening the leg), the hamsters are directed over the buttocks. This is a great way to hit the back of your body if you don't have access to any equipment.

Exercise No. 9 plank with the upper arm

The goal of this exercise is to learn to stabilize through the shoulders and maintain your core structure. This requires that when removing the limb, you focus on both lumbar and anti-rotation activities through the lumbar vertebra.

From the plank position, you simply take one hand and ‘twist the needle down your body so that you turn your body. Return your hand to the starting point and do the same for the other side. Here's another trap workout you can add to your schedule.

Exercise # 10 Deadbug

This exercise is essential for anyone who wants to get stronger. It teaches you how to engage your entire core muscle while resisting the temptation to lengthen your lumbar spine.

Lie on your back on the floor, arms straight out of the nest and knees 90 degrees from the hips. You then extend one leg and one arm against each other and slowly switch them to activate your core. Stability is key here.

This exercise is necessary for learning if you ever want to lift heavy weights.

To pack

Using weight during exercise may seem easy at first. But mastering the basics and testing yourself with your body is everything else.

If you feel you can do them all in good shape, there are endless ways to create exercise plans using your own body (see here how to gain weight to achieve your weight).

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