100 ways to be #FITAF

There is more than one way to be a FITAF!

This is again the time of year when the world uses the #NewYearNewMe reference. Well, this year we have got a new attitude. In light of our # VENT100 celebration last week (you know, where we gave away # 100FREEMembership, # 100FREETrainingSessions, stayed open # 100HoursStraight and gave everyone # 100NewReasonsToLoveVENT?), We decided to keep the momentum going by sharing

100 quick tips to help you get FITAF

  1. Drink plenty of water.
  2. Put the fork down and back on the dessert.
  3. Try a new cardiovascular program.
  4. Get a new pair of sneakers.
  5. Get a new water bottle.
  6. Try PLYO Performance in your local VENT.
  7. Check out the VENT Studio and redeem your free session.
  8. Stretch before and after training.
  9. Eat smaller portions more often.
  10. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night.
  11. You can go to the gym at least 3 times a week.
  12. Get off the stairs, not the elevator.
  13. Park further from your destination – walk more.
  14. Pamper, but never give up.
  15. Be consistent in your training.
  16. Try VENT Rong30 or TRAIN60 (it's like BootCamp but different lol).

  17. Buy a new pair of leggings for training.
  18. Try SPRINT – A new 30-minute HIIT bike exercise for VENT in 2018.
  19. Refill VENT with a new energy bar!
  20. Create a new gym playlist to focus on during your workouts.
  21. Do cardio at least twice a week.
  22. Cut off the alcohol.
  23. Holidays are over … so is cheating on your diet.
  24. FREE to maximize your workouts.

  25. Turn it on … try HIIT workout.

  26. See you at VENT's personal trainer.

  27. Step out of your comfort zone.

  28. Because it is cold, it does not mean that you can stay out of training.

  29. Find a fitness buddy.

  30. Try strength-based training.

  31. Try a CXWORX class – 30-minute basic training, new for VENT in 2018!

  32. Drain your calories STRIKE.

  33. Stop drinking soda!

  34. Buy a scale to measure all the food you consume.

  35. During your workout, you can request your favorite music RockBot!

  36. Don't like music during your workout? Download a new podcast!

  37. Do not sabotage your heavy morning workout by eating poorly throughout the day.

  38. Manage yourself and buy a new pair of exercise earphones for training!

  39. Sweat at least 4 times a week!

  40. Into the snow? Do some weight lifting exercises at home!

  41. Take a walk … ANYWHERE!

  42. Hike in nice weather.

  43. Always be positive during exercise!

  44. Eat fruits and vegetables at least twice a day.

  45. Set Small Goals – Bigger Goals Come!

  46. You hate vegetables? Buy a blender and make a smoothie.

  47. Always know what you eat … read nutrition facts and labels.

  48. Eat breakfast every day.

  49. Do not compare yourself with others.

  50. To avoid eating unhealthy foods throughout the day, eat your entire meal.

  51. Keep track of your progress with the VENT mobile app (new app coming soon)!

  52. Stop doing things! By avoiding training you will not get # FitAF.

  53. Stop drinking your calories. Avoid sweet drinks at your favorite coffee shop … extra calories!
  54. Make sure your dinner plate is colorful. Add fruits and vegetables to make it lighter.

  55. Eat healthy snacks throughout the day to maintain energy.

  56. Grilled, not fried.

  57. Eat more fish.

  58. Give yourself time to relax.

  59. Super busy? Distribute your workouts throughout your busy day.

  60. Eat more plants!

  61. Quality over eating out.

  62. Eat less.

  63. Find an exercise app to keep track of your food and exercise (in addition to the NEW VENT App … coming soon … Unless we already mention it lol).

  64. Wear crazy socks to lighten your workout.

  65. Avoid fast food at all costs.

  66. ry at least one new VENT class per week.

  67. Register for the January Challenge! Registration begins January 8th.

  68. Train during commercial breaks!>

  69. Take snapshots of progress to keep you motivated.

  70. Drink more tea (green tea works wonders!).

  71. Wake up early to squeeze in early morning workouts.

  72. Go to bed early.

  73. Wake up every day with a plan.

  74. Pack healthy snacks.

  75. Plan your workouts each week.

  76. Drink seltzer instead of soda.

  77. Make a better bad choice on cheating days.

  78. Try water training.

  79. Find a good support system to keep you motivated and hard at work.

  80. Leave your gym bag in the car so you are always ready for workout.

  81. Add an inclination to your treadmill.

  82. Learn how to count macros.

  83. book E3 experience next time you visit your VENT location.
  84. Go jogging in fine weather.
  85. Buy a heart rate monitor at VENT (VENT Fitness will soon be available in all locations)!

  86. Buy a new sports bra.

  87. Try a new pre-workout.

  88. Protein, protein, protein!

  89. Reduce your coffee consumption.

  90. Cut the sugar intake in half.

  91. Sweat it out in our sauna.

  92. Are you stuck with children? No excuses! Bring them there Children's club at any VENT location.

  93. Use your own VENT Perks and get some bigger discounts from local dealers.

  94. Strengthen your mental health with optimism.

  95. Had a hard workout? Relax on our hydromassage beds.

  96. Wear your own #FITAF shirt in your toughest workouts!

  97. Check your serving sizes.

  98. Minimize your cheating days.

  99. It takes more muscle than a smile! Smile through the toughest workouts!

  100. Start making old ones better this year #VENTFam!

What keeps you motivated this year? Comment below!

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