14 Best Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas for Fitness Fans

Instead of looking for a boring book or a boring DVD, you get a useful gift that not only makes your friends, family, and loved ones smile, but also helps them become a fitter?

We've picked out our best sweets for gym junkies and fitness fanatics to help you make them the most accurate year of 2020! Ps this article contains affiliate links.

Fitness dice

No gym plan, no program, little time? No problem! With these exercise points, you can train anywhere.

There are three different sets: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, 30 exercises per set.

Just roll the workout dice and then the number dice, and you've done your first exercise, how many repetitions you need to do.

Cost: $ 15.97

For fitness dice, click here at Amazon.co.uk

Morphy Richards oval slow cooker

Moderators change the way you cook. Not surprisingly, they are so popular: they pour food during preparation, make cheaper cuts of meat delicious and melt in the mouth, and are cheaper than using the oven.

This slow cooker from Morphy Richards is one of the Amazon charts and costs less than £ 35.

It is ideal for delicious high protein stews and form dishes are an essential kitchen appliance this winter!

Cost: $ 34.99

Click here for a slow cooker on Amazon.co.uk

Fit Nation Wax Roll

Muscle pain and painful feeling after a workout is not cool! The maple roller is a fantastic kit that relieves your pain and effort after a hard workout.

The technical term for foam rolling is Self Myofascial Release (SMR) and it is so effective because no one knows you better than exactly where you feel tense, exactly where you need relief and how much pressure you need.

The Fit Nation roll is great because the gentle pieces on the roll really help you work in tight areas, relieving muscle soreness and improving recovery.

Cost: $ 9.93

For a Fit Nation foam roll, click here at Amazon.co.uk

Fit Bit Charge 3

We love FitBits! They are definitely our favorite fitness gadget and are perfect for anyone wanting to make fat loss easier (Related: 5 Reasons Why FitBit Can Help You Lose Weight). Fitbit now makes a huge range of products from £ 49 to £ 199.

But we think one of their best products is the Fit Bit Charge 3. It tracks everything you need: steps, distance traveled, calories burned, your heart rate, and it also has a sleep monitor. It is extremely versatile, discreet and very stylish for the wristband.

$ 99.99

Click here to get Fit Bit Charge 3 on Amazon.co.uk

Muscle Food Gift Card

More and more people are turning to the supermarket to go online to take their weekly protein-packed meat dish to their doorstep. MuscleFood is one of the UK's largest suppliers of meat products in the UK, supplying everything from fresh meat fried steaks to premium chicken breasts to exotic delicacies such as ostriches and kangaroos.

Their product range is extremely high quality, much cheaper than the supermarket and will arrive in your home in about 24 hours! They have a variety of vouchers that would be the perfect gift for any protein-loving foodie.

10 to 100 pounds

Click here for MuscleFood voucher

Gym Diary

If you want to make something better, you need to sign in!

The gym diary is the perfect gift for any junk in the gym who wants to keep up with their workout routines and increase their strength.

It's well positioned, has over 100 workouts and is comfortable with the A6, which means it doesn't take up too much space in your sports bag.

Cost: $ 8.99

Click here for a fitness diary at Amazon.co.uk

Thermos food stuff

Don't have access to a microwave at work to warm up your lunch? No problem.

This thermos food stuff is awesome!

Wider than a regular flask, it's great for keeping meals hot so you can have a delicious hot meal for lunch instead of a wet, cold stew.

Food stays hot for hours and a foldable spoon is a handy addition. There are almost 2000 reviews on this on Amazon, it is definitely popular!

Cost: $ 19.72

Click here for Amazon.co.uk for thermos food stuff

Bodymax Cast Iron Kettlebell

Kettlebells are fantastic if you want to work out in a very small space that makes your heart pump and your whole body work out.

These are a must for anyone who has a gym at home or for people who want to train in their living room.

4 to 32 kg is the weight of various weights, suitable for all abilities.

£ 12.99 to £ 53.99

Click here for the kettlebell Amazon.co.uk

Fat Gripz – The ultimate lover

Fat Gripz is a great accessory that gym rats love to help increase hand growth and grip.

Rubber handles are easy to attach to any dumbbell set, wristwatch or pull bar and are used in gyms around the world.

Fat rod training, which increases muscle activation and improves strength and weight gain, is said to be a favorite of many professional athletes and bodybuilders.

$ 26.54

To get Fat Grip on Amazon.co.uk click here

101 ways to lose weight and never find it

Scott's book is for anyone who is struggling with losing weight, dieting, detoxing and crazy counseling.

The book contains clear, enjoyable, and easy-to-follow habits that can help you become slimmer, more fit, stronger and happier without hunger and heartache.

It unleashes all the myths of fat loss and contains encouraging, scientifically proven ways to make small changes in your lifestyle to achieve long-term health and lasting weight loss.

$ 10.50

If you want 101 ways to lose weight, click here at Amazon.co.uk

Sportstech adjustable dumbbells

Trying to set up a home gym can be expensive and can take up a lot of space!

Dumbbells don't come cheap and you really only have one or two pairs before you run out of space. This is the case if you do not have adjustable dumbbells.

The Sportstech Adjustable Dumbbells are an amazing set of 15 different weights ranging from 5 kg to 32 kg per dumbbell.

The weight changing mechanism is simple and easy to use. No matter how small your gym space is, you can now enjoy all sorts of difficulty with this ingenious kit.

297 kr

Click here at Amazon.co.uk for Sportstech Dumbbells

The Protein Works Gift Card

These protein-packed coupons, available in different denominations, can be used to purchase products from The Protein Works website.

TPW is currently our favorite nutritional supplement company due to its product range, quality, price and delivery speed.

From protein powders to multivitamins, these gift certificates are the perfect gift for anyone who is training or taking supplements.

Starting from 25 kr – 100 kr

Click here for the Protein Works coupon

TRX training

Weight lifting exercises are fantastic for improving the strength and mobility of the whole body.

From upper body push / pull movements to body exercises with leg anchors, suspension training can provide a full body workout from your home.

The kit can be attached to doors, posts and trees so you can train in your living room or in the park.

Price: $ 79.95

Click here to get TRX on Amazon.co.uk

The High Protein Handbook 5

OK, OK … we may be slightly biased about it, so we're just giving you information so you can give us your opinion.

The High Protein Instruction Manual 5 contains: 30 brand new, delicious, high protein recipes easy to make; complete nutrition information for each recipe, including calories, carbohydrates, fat, and protein; A diverse mix of chicken, pork, beef and turkey recipes; Beautiful full color photo for every dish; Safe 30 day money back guarantee; and a bar code for each recipe so you can scan your meal with MyFitnessPal.

Price: $ 9.99

Click here for the full Protein Handbook

In this article we have listed our favorite fitness and nutrition books of 2017.

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