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Do you know what is better than training alone? Well, a lot of things actually. But for today's post, the answer is "train with a friend!". To start with, it is harder to skip training if you have someone to make you blame for it. It gets harder if you have someone to compete with. Plus, you got to talk to someone about how fun burpees are at the same time you are with burpees. That's almost too much, right ?! And if none of these take you away, just think about the coffee you get together.

Sold? Great. Take a look at this super-easy 20-minute bodyweight partner workout, grab a companion and get on with it!

20 minutes partner weight training

Then swap with your partner for 45 seconds per workout (leave 15 seconds shift / rest, if necessary). Repeat both exercises before moving on to the next set.

Set 1
Weight squats
Sidewalks with push-ups
Set of 2
Travel lunches
Shuttle runs
Set of 3
Bicycle abs
Set of 4
One Leg Hip Lift (one set per foot)
Set of 5
High to low plang
Squat jumps

If you've never tried partner training before, you just have to trust me here. Team, working with a friend will change your (sports related) life. Enjoy xx

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