20 tips to get started

By Rachel Grunwell

1. The most difficult thing to do when starting a runway is to make a decision. Then start today. Just jump!

2. Small steps work best. Start with 10 minutes twice a week. Walk to the power post, run next. Repeat. Take it slowly and easily. This gives your muscles and ligaments time to adjust and strengthen. At this stage, everything is related to movement time and it doesn't matter if it's all walking. The worst thing you can do is run too fast and too fast.

3. Ask the helmsman (or several helmsmen!) To join you on your novice runway. You can make each other happy. It also makes the trip more fun. In those days when you feel unmotivated to run, it encourages you to take action when you know a friend is waiting for you.

4. Spend some time doing dynamic stretches before running. This allows you to move your body well, ie dynamic sections.

5. After the run, do some static yoga exercises for a while. This leads the length back to tight muscles. I've also visited this site's blogs, so look for it.

6. Enter the 10 km long event, which is several months away, ie the Rotorua Marathon event on September 26 (join me!). If you have a goal to work for, it gives you a reason to stay on track. It scares you into action. Enter by clicking the link HERE.

7. Be an absolute beginner. Own it! If you practice something, you can do it better. The same philosophy applies to endurance travel. In a few weeks, you will feel stronger and more still. After several weeks, you may find that you can run a little more than before. This is amazing! So trust the process.

8. Only a small percentage of runners win running events. Most people – like you and me – run for our well-being. It's all about this finish line, and it's a success. Remember that.

9. "Runner High" is scientifically supported and real. I explain the hormones and the science behind this phenomenon in my book Balance. This is very interesting. You can also go to the "flow" state while running. This is also a state supported by science, which I will describe in detail in my book. Flow is the secret of well-being to make you feel happy. There are different ways to find current. Running is only one way. It's also free (in addition to the fact that you need a pair of decent running shoes).

10. Be all right as you progress. Never strive for perfectionism. Your running path is the promotion of your health journey. Every time you run or walk, it is positive for your body and mind. Exercise is medicine. It affects your thinking, knowing and functioning. It actually changes your brain. So, you're smarter than you run! Literally.

11. The World Health Organization provides 30 minutes of exercise per day. This is really the minimum. So, walking and running is a smart way to increase your daily exercise. In fact, this WHO guideline is hardly the basis for good health. Raising your heart rate a few times a week is epic for your health …

12. Exercise is part of the recipe for well-being. It's not just about weight management or training. Exercise can help people better manage things like anxiety and depression. It's a real mood booster. So if you sometimes feel down, focus for that reason alone and keep running.

13. Walking or running is a great way to encourage your children to move. They may not listen to everything you say (or is it that only my teens mumble). But they will definitely monitor everything you do. The greatest thing I can do for my children is to inspire them as role models in healthy ways. This is success for me: Healthy children.

14. Believe that you can be a runner and probably too. Believe that you can't and probably won't ever get there. ps if I can go to a competent runner as an unfit mother seven years ago – I think almost everyone can. And I like removing barriers, how to share how.

15. Put on your running clothes and shoes last night. So all you have to do is wake up, roll out of bed, get dressed, get out the door and move. This trick will help!

16. Put on your calendar 2-3 times a week when you plan to run / walk / jog / skip. When you plan your workouts, you have something to target.

17. You don't need a fancy gearbox. All you really need is an "I can attitude".

18. Connect with inspiring friends who are capable. Talk to them about your journey so they can make you happy.

19. Tell family and friends about your new health trip. They will probably ask you how you are doing in the coming weeks and will keep you responsible and encouraged.

20. Learn to be a sensible runner. Taste the fresh air and the sun and enjoy those moments of my time (away from all these devices, too. Yes, I am also to blame …)

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Rachel is a qualified trainer, yoga teacher and experienced runner. In the end, he has won 25 marathons, including coaching athletes with disabilities. He is the author of the book Balance: food, health + happiness. The book contains 30 global experts on how to be healthier and happier, in addition to 30 nutritious recipes. There are many running competitions in the book, ie inspirational stories, recipes to inspire your race, experts who share the high point of the runner, a neuroscientist who shares how you can increase your performance …

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