3 quick healthy dinners for one idea

For one, cooking can be so difficult. Personally, I don't like it when I have a lot of leftovers – you can only get chillies so many times a week! I also can't cook, so I'm always looking for fast and healthy foods that are perfect for a person living alone.

I have loved the daily catch over the last few months. They have a wide selection of frozen smoothies, dishes, pastries and pastries. They are easy to hold at night when I am lazy and my refrigerator is almost empty. Their products are full of vegetables and the ingredients are simple, there is nothing strange.

I like to jazz them up, add some kind of protein or pair the smoothie with another dish. See ideas below!

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3 A quick, healthy, meal idea for one:

Spinach + Shiitake groats bowl with eggs, avocado

Oh, this cleaning bowl is SO good. This is the perfect brunch if you want something hearty but quick to prepare. I personally like to add scrambled eggs and avocado to get some extra protein and fat, but it's also delicious as is.

Banana + green smoothie and peanut butter in an English muffin

I have this combo at least once a week for lunch or dinner. It's great for days when I feel hung up and need something as soon as possible. Personally, I like to use oatmeal as a liquid for the smoothie, because I usually have them in the fridge, which makes the smoothie especially creamy. You can always use any milk you like, or even coconut water.

I used to have such a big piece that before it was ready, the bread went bad. Problems of living alone. I started buying Ezekiel's frozen English muffins. I just melt one in the microwave when I'm ready to roast them. A great thing you always have on hand!

Cauliflower + leek soup with eggs on a tortilla

Now that the weather is getting cooler, I crave ALL the soup. This soup is the epitome of convenience food and surprisingly tasty for something so full of vegetables. If I have this soup as a meal rather than a snack, I like to pair it with eggs on a tortilla. When in doubt, I add an egg to most dishes 😂

Your turn: What is your favorite fast food for one?

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