4 Strategies to Improve Your Performance!

improve bench press performance

Who doesn't like bench press? It is a basic exercise in breast weight training that is most often done by the barbell or dumbbells.

Here we will focus on bench press and see together 4 effective strategies to increase the load, therefore your strength.

Man or woman, all of them go through bench press at one time or another as a major exercise, like squats or deadlifts. For men (especially) it is always a motivation to see those who put up big plates. 😉

If your goal is to move forward breast weight training In bench press, here are 4 effective strategies.

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1 cluster Sets

Definition of cluster set: "clusters" is when you push heavy emphasis on a few repetitions, that you take a mini rest and repeat this several times.

This forces the muscles to lift a heavier weight than they usually do, even in clusters, overloading the muscle and forcing it to adapt to strength. It is a kind of version of "rest break training" in power mode.

How to create cluster sets?

To perform a cluster set:

  • Warm up.
  • Load the bar with a weight that you can move over 4 to 5 repetitions.
  • Do 3 reps with this charge.

This is your first "cluster".

  • After the third rehearsal, put the bar back on the rack.
  • Wait 20 to 25 seconds (rest).
  • Do 3 more repetitions immediately.
  • Rest for another 20 to 25 seconds.

Repeat this once or twice, and you're done.

Whey protein remains your ally in bodybuilding:

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2 Forced repetition

There are various ways to force your body to lift a weight to do more repetitions than it normally would. Clusters are a very good solution, forced repetitions are another.

Definition of forced repetitions: it is when you perform the negative (lowering the line or concentration) and that someone who helps you helps you regain weight. Just make sure your assistant just helps raise the bar and doesn't end up calming instead of the exercise.

How to perform forced repetitions?

  • Take the weight you usually use for a set of 5 and add 2 forced repetitions at the end

If you do 2 forced repetitions per series of 3 series, this represents 6 additional repetitions. Extra repetitions mean extra work, more training volume and improved strength.

Now, before you ask the inevitable question of combining strategies 1 and 2, the answer is to say that we do not recommend combining the techniques. Do not do forced exercises on the same day as you do clusters. You will gain more strength by alternating a forced exercise and then clustering than by adding them to the same session.

3 Power-controlled training

Sometimes the strength depends not only on the weight you use, but the speed you use it.

Many strength lifters use full workouts to improve sliding speed (for example) by moving a lighter weight in a very specific way.

How to Make a Controlled Strength Training?

To apply this strategy to your bodybuilding program:

  • Load the bar at 45 to 55% of the 1RM (max weight, so you can only do one repetition but clean). This weight is light, but it is the goal.
  • Check the descent of the rod.
  • Then put it together explosively (power and speed) as fast as you can
  • Do this on 2, 3 or 4 repetitions (not doing more repetitions).
  • Rest for 30 to 45 seconds max between sets, repeat this again 6 to 10 series.

Adjust the number of sets according to the time you have and the training volume you want. Again, do not try to put together the suggested strategies. Try to separate sessions of this type for 3 to 4 days.

Creatine is a dietary supplement recommended for PTO:

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4 Slope bench press is your best friend

Some people believe that the squeezed press, or the squeezed press, does not affect the bench press. This may be true for these people, but many others will tell you that the rise press is a big help in improving their power in the bench press.

We can only advise you in your breast weight workouts, to use oblique bench press for a few series, by changing the angle of inclination of the bench and alternating dumbbells and barbell. For example, if you push heavy than flat benches, chain with slanted series with several repetitions. Or you can push heavy slope for a few weeks and use the flat bench to create series with more assisted repetitions for example.

Whichever approach you take and which strategy or strategies you use, the angles and techniques vary. With all these tools, you may be surprised at your strength during your next bench press sessions.

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