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For almost a week, we have all been homebound due to Coronavirus. It is an opportunity or never to play sports at home! So I share 5 sports activities that are easy to do in prison.

It's probably the best activity you can do to build muscle while burning fat. And since our physical activity has reduced significantly by being confined to the home, it is important to keep moving. Nothing better than a HIIT circuit. Fast and efficient. Here's a video, a session I gave you on my Youtube channel

Mantling is definitely one of the best activities for building muscle and getting fit. But like the majority of people, it is often what we leave out when I tell myself that I would do it later. Now it's time to start cutting. It is one of the easiest activities at home, and anyone can do it at any level. And more is it super effective for flat stomach.

As with clothing, there is often something you don't do or botch at the end of the session. But even there the benefits are very interesting! Better recovery, flexibility, improved attitude, etc. So no excuse because it is one of the best containment sports we can do.

Stretch either at the end of the session or with a specific session the day after

In the continuity of cutting and stretching, in my opinion, Yoga is one of the most complete activities to tone your body, improve your posture and clear your head. And if you do not know what to do or if you prefer to be guided, do not hesitate to follow the many videos available on the Internet

No need for a dream setting to do yoga

And yes, with the closure of sports halls, online activities are increasing. For example, CMG Sports Club regularly offers live training on its Facebook with thousands of people at home. What could be better than being motivated than having a live professional trainer to follow and a whole community behind you moving ?!

Here are some ideas for very simple but effective sports activities. Do not hesitate to read my article on the best body weight exercises, perfect for home exercise. And you, what sports activity in prison do you practice?

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