5 tips to move you more

Need tips for moving more? When we want to lose weight and burn more calories, we usually turn to sports! And that's actually the most effective way to increase calorie expenditure. But if you don't like sports, or can't do more, here are some tips for increasing physical activity without feeling like you're engaged in sports. Let's give my tips for moving more.

The stairs either
to the elevator

And yes, it's not much more than taking the stairs
instead of the elevator (or escalators) lets you increase activity
daily physically. The stairs will make you use 7 times more energy than
the elevator! At work in the subway, at the mall, how many
times a day you take the elevator instead of using your legs
on the stairs. So from today, set a rule below
on 4 floors, we go! In addition, walking seems to be freeing
endorphin, it should give you a sense of happiness. Without counting
that it reduces our ecological impact.

Achieving a high goal is the result of a sum with little effort

Go ahead and drive

Here too, our daily habits to make our lives
easier, tends to harm our health. Walking 1 hour a day equals
burn an average of 250 calories. Almost as much as exercise.
Minimize use of the car for short trips such as
go and get some bread, take the kids to school or just … go
at the gym. Again, it will be as good for your health as it is for
environment. Goal: 10,000 steps each day

How about going to the gym on foot to start the warm-up?

Cooking yourself

And yes, not only will your dishes be better in flavor and line level, plus you will burn more calories. And yes, as soon as we activate more, we burn more! Going shopping, going back and forth in his kitchen for various preparations, etc. are end-to-end activities that represent many calories at the end of the year!

Cooking for yourself, the trick to moving more and eating well


And yes, cleaning up requires our bodies to burn
calories! Vacuum, scrub, wash, extend your machine
Washing is just a few small things that will make your body burn
calories. Be careful about your attitudes so as not to hurt yourself.
So if you want to snap, you might think about cleaning up sooner
to succumb. Not only will it keep you busy for as long as the urge to
snacking pass, but in addition you will eliminate calories instead
absorb while you snack.

Playing with your kids

Every parent knows how much energy a child needs to use! Well, don't hesitate to join them in their activities! Playing ball, chatting and cycling are all activities kids will love to share with you that will help you burn more calories on a daily basis. I also shared a workout video on YouTube with a stroller, if it can help, click HERE!

Mom and sportswoman, it's possible!

Wait standing
rather than sitting

Well, there can be no trick to moving anymore
motivates us the most. To stay upright, even take 100 steps, necessarily
working our bodies more than sitting. Our legs are several
stress as well as our lap belt to maintain a certain
balance. Try to think of the time you have spent waiting each time you sit
day: doctor, professional meeting, public transport, etc. are
times when we usually try to be as tired as possible. see
Now, these moments as an opportunity to burn extra calories.

Don't waste any more time waiting while sitting down and take the opportunity to move

Here you are, with these 5 tips for moving more on a daily basis, you now know how to increase NEAT, ie your calorie expenditure excluding physical activities. Feel free to comment on your own tips to move more. And if you want to get up and go into sports, you can find all my tips in the Sports section

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