December 22, 2019 –

Happy day out of 7 7 Day Gifts, on my and my friends' WATERROWER !!!

Did you read it correctly !? SURE TO GET A WATER MANAGEMENT MACHINE! This is epic.

December 16-22

This post is supported by my friends at Water Rower
and all the photos of my girl Mikayla @ the.photographygirls

Just a reminder:

All gifts must be entered by December 29th (as you can still earn points by tweeting) and winners will be contacted in the first week of January! 🙂

Every year is so much fun to me that I can put them together with some great company to bring you some holiday feel and gifts!

Every day is very easy to enter!

  1. Make sure you subscribe to the blog so you don't miss the presents!
  2. Enter each gift at alt following the instructions for each blog post.
  3. There is MULTIPLE entry ways AGE give away, so the more you do, the greater your chances of winning!
  4. The winners will be chosen at random after the gifts run out on December 29th!
  5. All gifts are in the US only (unless stated otherwise).
  6. Have fun and hope to introduce you to some new products / businesses as well as some of your favorites! XO


Should I just finish posting here saying we are giving away our WaterRower machine … GO ENTER! 😉 Drop the microphone.


Seriously though – I'm so grateful to my WaterRower friends who are so kind to give S4 Screen Oxbridge Rowing Machine ($ 1,295!) to one lucky winner! (for us only)


My clients and I use WaterRower machines throughout the week for awesome low-impact, full-body training.

With one set, you can capture endurance training as well as cardiovascular strength and endurance – all without having to leave the living room, gym or backyard.


WaterRower is not only aesthetically pleasing to any living room with its sleek wood design (and the beautiful cherry tree of its Oxbridge model), but also Water wheel, you can keep your noise to a minimum while still feeling the water's natural resistance.

I like rowing because you literally use a FULL BODY to make every hit, and you like to see stats for this S4 performance model.


You want to focus on pushing through your heels, riding your feet, keeping your back, while pulling your elbows behind your back and moving the top with a light back.

On the way back to the starting point, repeat these steps back. Next, the guns come and then the legs curve to move on for your next ride.

I'm so excited that one of you can win a WaterRower that will be sent straight to your door !!


I hope you enjoyed these years gifts.

I am so grateful to have been able to share all my favorite products and businesses with you! I just love to give and the support you've given me over the years will make it possible!

Be sure to enter each blog post below until December 29th and many happy holiday friends !!

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