7 instant pots full of vegetarian food

I've compiled a list of seven vegetarian recipes that I like to cook with an instant pot. I like using a multi-cooker (instead of a regular hob) because it’s faster, easier, and the cooking technique keeps nutrients in the dish.

So, if you want to maintain a healthy life and enjoy a vegetarian life, here are some recipes to try:

1 baked potatoes

baked potatoes

This is a recipe for baked potatoes, and because we use instant juice, the cooking time is halved. So you don't have to wait by the oven and check the potatoes to make sure they're at the right temperature all the time!

The ingredients and the complete recipe can be found here, but the process is quite simple. You simply put a half-smaller red potato in the inner pot of your IP cooker and set up the pot according to the instructions. When cooking is complete, you will receive a delicious meal, which can be served with a salad or other desired addition.

2 Tacot


Who said a vegetarian can't have good fast food? I know that many large food chains offer vegetarian food on the menus, but the taste never meets the standards (at least that's what I see).

So why not make your own fast food that is healthy, fresh and tastes amazing? This Instant Pot Tacos recipe proves that you can do it without the hassle of ingredients. Plus, you don't have to fight for who cooks after eating – it all happens in a quick pot!

3 Hummus


It is delicious, nutritious and makes you think of exotic places that have been kissed by the sun and blessed with rich cultural customs. Hummus is a great dish that does not require too much effort, but that adds a variety of nutrients to your diet!

Fortunately, the quick pot is easy to use, so you can enjoy it at any time. However, remember that moderation is important when trying a healthy lifestyle!

4 Mac and cheese

This is easy to do, but using standard methods can be a lot of work. However, if you follow this vegetarian food with an instant pot, you will see that it takes less time to get this cream and cheese dish hot on a plate. In addition, there are fewer dishes to clean because you only use the pot to make pasta and sauce.

If you want to add it to this classic dish, you can always combine some broccoli (or other useful vegetables) in the cheese sauce.

5 Portobello pot dish


Most people think of beef and slow cookers when you say pot steaks. While it is true that this is a dish that takes time for all the flavors to mix in the symphony of flavors, you can get the same result in half the time by using a quick pot.

Beef can also be replaced with portobello mushrooms, as this blogger did, and you're good to go! Of course, you can use other types of mushrooms as long as they are fleshy and retain their texture when baked under pressure.

The good news is that you can fry this pot as it is, or as an addition to pasta or rice. Not to mention that it is a tasty vegetarian food that the whole family can enjoy!

6 lentil stew


When it's cold outside, there's nothing as soothing as a cheerful stew! Whether it's rain or snow, this dish is a fantastic idea for lunch or dinner, especially if you share it with friends and family.

In addition, this lentil stew is so versatile that everyone can enjoy it. You can do this as a vegetarian, and people who eat animal products can easily add smoked sausages to their bowl.

Lastly, this delicious recipe (available here) doesn’t need fancy ingredients. Most of them are already in your closet or refrigerator.

7 Pad Thai Stir Fry


You can still enjoy delicious food like Pad Thai, even if you don’t add chicken or animal sauces! With this recipe, you can make a fantastic vegetarian and gluten-free version of Instant Pot without smearing other dishes and tools (except, of course, the inner pot of the IP pot!)

In addition, it reduces your activity in the kitchen, as you do not have to take care of noodles in one pot and mix vegetables in another pot! So, follow the recipe and enjoy the result with your guests – who I promise will impress with your cooking skills!

Pull the ends together

The transition to vegetables is not so bad. All you need to enrich your culinary life is a little imagination and reliable cooking tools (such as Kiupup). So, if you are sure that your food is not boring and you keep up with the necessary daily intake of proteins and fiber, you are healthier and happier in your choice!

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