8 weeks for change 2020 – March + April

# 8WeeksToChange is an intense eight-week boot program inspired by a series of personal dramatic life events that took me to a place that would either make or break me. After completing my 8-week program, it changed my life in an incredible way…. So my transformative Comeback Camp program was born.

For 8 weeks, I will help you focus on personal goals by accelerating your results with a laser, guiding them constantly. People who have done this program have lost 10, 20, 30 and more pounds. I am also pleased to say that more than half of the participants will continue to maintain their results and will continue to lose £ 10, £ 20 and £ 30. post camp.



Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Start date: Monday, March 10th

First day of team camp: Tuesday, March 10th

Time: * 7: 00-18: 00 (Please note that we have early start times on the first team day, the last team day and the TBD team day in the middle of the camp.)

What: we work you out from head to toe, to full body camps (lifting heavy weights with the help of me and another coach). Some days we focus more on the heart, abscesses, hands, buttocks, legs, and so on. You may believe that you are leaving, feeling like the master you were born to be.

Where: WALL, 730 S. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, CA.

What's more, I get motivation and round-the-clock e-mail and text guidance from me every day.

Cost: email tiffany@laceystonefitness.com



1. 16 team primary camps

2. 3-4 cardio / bike days / week (2 doubles)

3. 1º2 days off per week

4. Healthy Eating: Discounted food from Klean, one of LA's best food delivery services.

5. NO drink.

6. 8 hours of sleep.


I have worked in the fitness field for over 15 years and 8 weeks of change is one of the most transformative training programs I have ever seen. I would recommend everyone to do this at least once in their life.

Register now: There are limited places in this camp! If you have any questions, email tiffany@laceystonefitness.com.

Do you want to participate virtually? Join virtualtraining.laceystonefitness.com today! 8 Weeks To Change web rides take place simultaneously in my live-LA camp and participation is UNLIMITED!


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