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Wchicken, if there are abs., all want them, but many have no idea what it takes to really get them. Even the world's best abs workout routine would not help you learn the truth about your abdominal muscles. So if you've hit sessions and squeaks with very little or no results, you should really read the next section before looking for abdominal exercises.

abs workout routine

The truth about ABS

FFirst of all, you will not gain abdominal muscles if you do ab exercises alone. So with that being said, you can put those crisps in your closet and sit down, because these are just a few exercises that are more effective when we get in in just a minute. You need to get rid of body fat to get the absolute cure shown in these ads and online tricks. So friends, if you want your abs to show, you should drop your body fat percentage to about 10 to 12 percent, and for women to about 16 to 20 percent.

I'm not saying they don't need an absolute workout, because you definitely have to make an effort to make them jump out like a high definition television. So simply reducing your fat stores to a percentage, which I said earlier, will make it your abs show, but to get the shredded abs that everyone is talking about, you need a nice abs workout routine with some good clean eating.

Two chopped abs composition

  1. Reduce your body fat percentage by eating cleanly.
  2. Start an absolute workout routine

Ydo these two things and your abdominal muscles will definitely show up. What I'm going to show you is abdominal exercises and let's see if we can put together six packets of workouts.

The best exercises for abs

MPersonally, I don't like sitting or crunching, but some believe you need to add some crunching or sitting to your abs workout routine. I prefer more effective ways to abscess, using basic exercises such as price squats that work on other parts of the body as well. If you put these types of exercises into your abdominal routine, doing them in short intense breaks, you can get a really good cardio at once. This way it is much more efficient and helps to reduce the fat percentage even faster. Below I list some beginners to advanced ab exercises, then I will put together a short intense abs training routine.

Ab exercises

  1. Tai Chi Twist
  2. Invisible ball twist
  3. Planks (side, rollers, etc.)
  4. The plank runs
  1. Dolphin Push up
  2. Horse sitting
  3. Hip Dip workout
  4. V up exercise
  1. L-sit
  2. Dragon flags
  3. Ab wheel rolls
  4. Gracie exercises

Tthese are just some of the good abdominal exercises I added with the help of some of my friends from the Reddit weight training community. They should help you move in the right direction as much as you do your abs workout routine.

Abs workout routine

NTherefore, we use some of the above flat stomach exercises to put together an abs workout routine. You make them until the failures one after the other, stopping only when you need to drink water.

The plank runs

plank run workout routine

How to Do a Plank Run Workout |

  • Starting from the normal pushing position, pull your knee up to your chest and take it back to where you are on the other side.

Do this as soon as possible while maintaining proper form. Plank works your entire body, including your core, which is our first in our abs workout routine, as it is great for both cardio and strength. Try targeting for at least a minute, but we'll do them until we can no longer do so.

Dolphin pushups

abs workout routine

How to Make Dolphin Bean |

  • Starting at about 3-4 inches above the ground, it is supported by the elbows and toes. Now that you start to blow your ass as high as possible, you should look like a dolphin jumping out of the water. Now return to the starting position and repeat until fault.

Dolphin swabs work on multiple muscles, including the abs and core, when going down you try to do them slowly because it actually grips the core muscles more.

V up exercises

abs workout routine

How to Do a V Up Exercise |

  • Lying with your back to the ground up, your legs outstretched and your hands up above your head. At the same time, lift your upper body and arms with your legs (straight out) until they meet directly on your upper body. Then let yourself go back to where you started and do it again until it fails.

This exercise is perfect for both the upper and lower abs. Try to keep your back as straight as possible and don't forget to exhale the exit and exit.

Gracie exercises

How to Do Gracie Exercises |

  • Starting with regular squeezing, pull your right leg under you while turning your left hand until your left hand reaches the floor. Then slide your foot back to the starting position, holding in one smooth motion to the other.

Gracie exercises work all over your body, including the abs. As you move, make sure you breathe in and out slowly. By the way, if you have wrist problems, do this exercise carefully.

Ti hate completing this abs workout routine. Try to do all of these until the end of the errors. With this abdominal exercise, you should get both really good cardio and good basic training.

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