Adding weight training to your cardio routine

If you want better muscle definition, visible strength, or you want to better tackle muscle imbalances, you don't need to add expensive equipment to weight training. Getting involved with some dumbbells and obstacle strips is not a big time or space investment, and you can even place some on the Ottoman or pull it under the bookshelf if you don't have much space to store your equipment. As a follow-up to our lap-style weight training article, here are two cheap ways to increase your weight training capabilities.

Add a couple free weights. Dumbbells offer you opportunities to target biceps and back muscles, which tend to be areas where we want more growth and definition than is easily accomplished with weight training. You can also add strength to your lower body and core by combining your upper body dumbbell work with your lower body or core movement, such as a bouncing bicep curl or chest press, using a training ball.

Adding dumbbells is usually something you want to do if you want muscle growth and more strength, which means you want to stay under three sets of exercises for low or moderate repetitions (no more than ten). For most women, start with about 10 pounds for hands and 15 pounds for the back. Men can add and build five pounds as a starting point for these numbers. To get started with basic dumbbell exercises, try starting with one leg dumbbell rows or squat and turning. Using dumbbells is a way to target almost any part of your body using these simple difficulties.

Receive it with resistance strips. If you want to see improvements in performance and function, but also long, slender muscle, endurance tubes are a great alternative to free weights. The pipes also move well, which makes it a great way to keep up with your workouts on the highway. To get started, you can add lower body challenges or use tubes to guide your entire body and core. If you are looking for inspiration, these endurance training exercises will give you many opportunities to increase the intensity of your intervals and to increase strength and performance on and off the sport and sports field this spring.

In general, adding strength and weight chains to your cardiology routine is a great way to keep your heart rate up, so you don't have to choose between weight training and cardio when time is short.

Do you have a favorite weight or strength cycle? Share in the comments below.

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