After losing 44 kg, Mohit undertook this amazing transformation

Fitness Story: After losing 44kg, Mohit took on this amazing transformation

Name: Mohit Anand
Age: 24
Height: 5 ft 11 in
Weight: 78 kg
Place of residence: Mumbai
Fitness achievement: 44kg fat loss.

Turning point:
If I was not happy with my ability to do things. From running the 100m run to being in the sports clubs, I loved that over time I couldn't do anything. Instead of losing the gym, I started gaining 10kg a year. I thought to myself, this is the time or never.

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I couldn't figure out why I gained weight despite not eating so much but just bread and tea at breakfast. Aloo paratha in the canteen or maybe a biscuit pack before the gym. Yeah, that wasn't what I was doing at the gym, that's all I didn't know outside. I ate 2,000 more calories, but from sources of sugar and carbohydrates. I couldn't sit in a chair in my college workshop then. I felt back pain. I couldn't climb up the stairs for an excursion visit in college, and this is the most common exercise. Basically, I had 7 days a week cheating days

Leading force:
Role models, my first role model was my dad because I always saw him running around the gym doing things that I wouldn't be able to do if I was 26 years old. Akshay Kumar from the celebrity sphere, this man inspires me today, as I look at him, I wanted to do everything he did and will do.

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Exercise Program:
The training program that really affected me was the running track from the first day from 2km to 7kms, it started to produce results and then after losing 25kg in the gym. Different types of cardio and weight training

Followed by diet:
The diet was simple: it needed calories and a calorie-restricted diet. I couldn't imagine giving up dal or rice, but I had to. Because For breakfast I had egg white and brown bread and vegetable sandwiches. Shaking green tea or protein during a meal.Lunch Serving 2 chapati and vegetables and curd, as most of my struggle was with the hostel, I ordered dabba instead of canteen. Morning and evening coffee, milk and sugar free. Dinner was usually low carb or chicken. Also this diet was good as I didn't have much knowledge but then I got help from guru maa programs on the web and he is fantastic.

Nutritional supplements were protein shaken isolates or good blends, but I am also pre-workout, protein, bcaa, glutamine. You do not have to focus so much on diet and program.

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Inspire your tribe:
It's up to you .. be serious and learn it or give it up. As John Abraham says for extraordinary results, you have to do extraordinary things. He says, "Go running, don't think I can't make me run so people come to me and ask me what special things I did, it's nothing, it's just extremely hard work and as an actor it's more important to me. "

Just hit the gym, stick to your diet. People say eat today, nothing happens or it's cool to eat this or that. But no, stick to the plan. Parties are ok, they are not necessary, you can party, but beware of alcohol and cigarettes. Patience is key. Look for the guys if I can see if you can. I have come to a higher training mission on my journey to help others.

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