If you do not have much breakfast or just want to start the day with a good breakfast, here is the recipe for the banana chocolate bowl. The simple and delicious breakfast which is ready in 5 minutes to recharge your batteries and avoid snacks in the morning.

The ingredients in the bowlcake recipe

If you follow one of my eating plans, this banana chocolate bowl recipe will be very easy to adjust to your quantities! And since you can easily vary the side dishes, it's a good way to have fun without getting tired. If necessary, you can also supplement with a protein intake for an even more balanced lunch, especially if you are athletic.

Preparation of the recipe

Mix all the items regularly in a sufficiently large bowl (the preparation swells in the microwave).

Put everything in the microwave for 3 minutes, then place it on a plate, being careful not to burn yourself.

Decorate with the toppings you choose to your liking! For this recipe I used a banana and Women's Best spread. But you can also use peanut butter, almond butter (according to my homemade recipe) or cashew butter for example.

Women's best banana bowl of peanut butter and maple syrup calorie-free

Please note that I recommend tasting this banana chocolate bowl recipe right after leaving the microwave. In fact, if you wait, the bowcake will tend to stiffen, which is immediately less pleasant to taste.

The benefits of this bowlcake recipe

The benefits of this recipe are already many, but if I chose it, it's only because it's delicious! Nothing worse than starting the day with a soft or not very motivating meal, otherwise you will feel frustrated as soon as you wake up. It is also a very balanced recipe (although an addition of protein may be needed) and above all, it will give you enough energy to last the whole morning without having to snack. So don't hesitate to test and leave me a comment!

Banana chocolate bowl recipe on video

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