BFF workout

If you loved partner training we recently shared, grab your best material and give it a try * new * BFF workout built on two that focus on the combination of heart, power, and core.


Our sports experts put together 5-step partner training that you can do anytime, anywhere; make it a date, have fun and workout, whether you are 10 minutes or at least 30 years old.


  • Mirror me
  • Squatting and turning one hand
  • Push-Up and high way
  • Side lying and lifting with one leg
  • Bottom of side plate

Do ten repetitions of each of the above exercises; repeat the whole exercise 2-3 times. If you have little time, repeat 1-2 times; some exercise in your day is better than none, even if you only have 10 minutes to sneak in!

1. Mirror me

You can confront your partner and decide who becomes a "leader" and who is a "follower". The leader should do all the exercises of his choice (move A). The follower should reflect / repeat the driver's movement. The driver should now make gear A and add a new gear (gear B). The follower should repeat movements A and move B. Continue until you have added 5 gears to the chain. Then switch roles so the follower becomes the leader.

2 Squatting and turning one hand

Face your partner with the right hands of one another and stand with your feet hips apart. Bend your knees, sit back and squat. Rotate left arm up and back to rotate over left shoulder and arm. Pull your hands over your head and back to the center to face the partner. Stand up and switch to hold your left hand and rotate your right hand. Repeat this series 8 times on each side.

3 Push-Up and high way

Start from the ground with your hands under your shoulders and knees under your hips. Fully stretch your legs behind your back; Bend your knees so that your hips remain where they were and without weight / pressure, sit on your knee capsules or decide to stay with your legs straight. Bend your elbows to push the chest under the floor. Return to the top, hold your hips in place (don't swing!) And bring your partner up, then with your left hand. Repeat the push-up series 8 times.

4. Lying down and lifting with one leg

Face your partner, step out with your right foot, bending only your right knee, and meet while accepting your partner's arms. Lift your right leg behind your back and tilt it straight against your partner, slightly leaning on the partner's shoulder. Return to your hips, turn to your partner again before stepping sideways to repeat the series. Fill 8 on each leg.

5. Bottom of side plate

Both partners should start from the same sideboard. Partner A (front) raises his upper arm and then reaches under his torso for his partner. Partner B is the high five of Partner A so that partner A can return to the sideboard with his raised hand. Repeat 8 times before changing positions. Don't forget to swap sides too!

Grab a date and get moving! Be sure to share your workout with us on IG & FB – tag us @ FIT4MOMGQ and use the hashtags # FIT4MOM # Strength Scoreboard

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