Body and food balance after a month in pairs

Here you go girls,
If you follow me closely on Instagram, you know I met my bearded dream (well, I hope so!) for a month! At the moment everything is going well, but I admit that love for me means: great relaxation in sports and food. I wanted to share this experience with you to show you that it happens to everyone to overeat, gain weight and not be motivated anymore, even though we always show you the best facets of us on social media.

When you are in a relationship, you gain weight

I no longer know which newspaper it was in, but I read an article that said we as a couple gained an average of 3kg the first year (or so). At that time two weeks had passed since I was with my bearded husband, and it clicked. A click because I realized I was actually there since this meeting much less diligent in my workouts and much less about my diet …

If you are in a relationship, you must have been there too. Unless you have a warrior's mind and sports and good food comes first for you (and if that's the case, respect, I'd love to be just as strong!).

We met in mid-April, when it was very nice and warm, when they relax moments in the park and the ice cream tickles you, you know …? So I preferred enjoy the moments together, rather than go to the gym and the food you can follow… “Hmm good! Tonight we order a pizza? I found a good cake recipe! Finally, all these little things do us good, but don't have to last too long to not fall into bad eating habits …

Balance after a month in pairs: how many more kilos?

I quickly realized that I had to take control and not let myself go. You know, I'm one of those people who gain weight super easily, and it takes twice as long to lose everything again … My morphotype is endomorph (See my article on morphotypes) So now STOP! I decided that we could have fun while having a healthier lifestyle.

We started eating healthier again, we started running, I continued the workouts in the gym and my good little dishes. But these 4 weeks of surplus left some traces on my body …

Well, I'm not going to do anything about it, I didn't grow up in a month and I'm not disgusted with myself, even though I feel more "swollen" than before this meeting. I just want to collect the action in time before it happens.

So rating … How many pounds did you get in your opinion ?? Well… 1 kg50 if hahaha that's fine, well no it's not at all! I think it's huge in a month, but hey, given all the excesses and days without physical activity, that was to be expected. And to be honest I expected worse haha

I redid a complete assessment with my impedance meter: weight,% fat,% muscle mass, basic metabolism … On the other hand, I couldn't make a comparison because by doing a bad manipulation, I deleted the old data … (today's ball, hey lol)

However, everything is recorded today and I will do a full review in a month.

Don't hesitate to read my article about my impedance meter, I am very happy with it and it is quite complete in terms of data.

About my weight

So today I weigh 64 kg. The last time I weighed (early April) I was 62.5-63 kg. Since my youth I have always weighed between 58 and 60 kg. In college I was much fatter, in high school it started to become "female" forms, when I came to Lyon I went up until I reached 63 kg. Going out, junk food, booze, etc. There was a time when I was having fun and I really wasn't paying attention.

When I started with sports and good nutrition, I lost weight and then stabilized with a body weight of 62 kg. And it fits me pretty well. I have shapes, I guess (though I will sometimes lose some fat here and there).

It makes me laugh besides because I had a discussion the other day with a colleague the same size as me (she is 42 years old but weighing 55 kg. When I told her how heavy I was, she was shocked and told that I was overweight according to BMI … You know what i think about BMI… I can't imagine myself weighing 55kg at all! That will mean: more shapes, more breasts, more butt (already that I don't have too many !! lol)

How do I get back into shape?

I will not try to lose this 1.5 kg at any cost. Lastly, I don't care … 1.5 kg seriously what does that mean? Am I in danger? I don't think lol I don't feel worse with myself today than a month ago.

So I just plan to continue as before, a good sporting rhythm, good eating habits and regaining my steel mind.

I use David Costa's Strong Is The New Sexy Booty Guide, I've got many new healthy recipe ideas as summer approaches, and I'm more motivated than ever.

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