Careers in Worker Health and Health: Grad Spotlights

As May is World Workers' Health and Well-being Month, we highlight two AFPA graduates who made their dreams come true and started working in the corporate and employee welfare space.

Katie Jensen


Tell us about your background. How did you get into a health and sports career?

Like many people, I was quite active as a child and played sports at school, but after going to university and working full time, my fitness definitely took a back seat. After quite a few years of working in the retail business and developing bad habits and great stress, I started training again at home to try to restore my health. When I realized how good it feels to be fit and healthy again, I decided it was time to change my career and looked into personal training certificates. It was back in 2009 and I've been in the fitness field ever since!

What is your job in the field of corporate well-being?

I am currently pleased to work at Atlanta's local studio, Excellence in Exercise, where we not only offer in-house personal training and group classes, but also manage a number of corporate welfare contracts. I can help with all the different aspects of providing the services we offer – teaching group training, assisting with 5k training programs or training programs, conducting health assessments of employees, teaching basic nutrition and wellness workshops, and any other tasks that companies may request. The opportunity to teach employee well-being was a big reason why I wanted to get a nutrition and health consultant certificate through AFPA in addition to attesting to personal training.

What is your favorite part of being a coach and health consultant?

Although my first love is training personal clients, I have started to enjoy a variety of opportunities, including business assistance. I have a positive impact on many other people if I only had my own one-on-one training company. Participating in the various challenges and workshops on offer helps me to continue to learn and grow as my own skills, which means all other aspects of my coaching role. We currently offer all of our regular corporate training classes online for the companies we serve. It is especially gratifying to know how large employees are able to cope with their health and fitness at home.

Why do you think it is important for employers to invest in the health of their employees?

I think the word has developed that workers who have regular access to training opportunities and generally remain active are more productive and satisfied than workers who do not. From personal experience, I can say that people are looking for jobs in companies that offer gyms and other health programs, so it is smart for companies to offer this if they want a quality workforce. Of course, there is also the financial advantage that keeping your employees healthy means less strain on health resources, sickness and challenges. The great thing is that there are different levels of offerings that you can offer to your employees based on company size and resources, whether it's as simple as partnering with a local gym for a reduced membership fee, or if you have a fully staffed on-site facility. There are so many opportunities and benefits for employers and employees that you might want to invest in some health programming!

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Beth Grace


Tell us about your background. How did you get into a health and fitness career?

In college I started to become physically active, I trained in the gym six days a week. It mostly remained a personal passion, exploring various sports such as mountaineering, ultra-sweet Frisbee and snowboarding (I'm the outdoor type). When I got pregnant about three years ago, I became even more aware of the food I put in my body. I started consuming more organic food, including the organic part. My postpartum journey has been very rocky, with many mental and physical health challenges. I did not find the answers in all my visits to the many medical providers, but through my trial and error, looking for answers and changing my diet even more. This experience made me consider mentoring and mentoring my strength and desire (formerly in educational institutions) and referring me to a health and wellness center. That's how I discovered AFPA and finished my health coaching certification just a few days before starting a corporate well-being position!

What is your job in the field of corporate well-being?

I currently serve as an engagement guide and health guide. Our company has one of the largest corporate well-being programs in the world, and my primary role is to reach out to our clients' employees to address their well-being benefits and encourage them to sign up for our health counseling services. I also occasionally serve a health guide to help people review their annual physical / biometric results and set health goals. With regard to COVID-19, my company has indeed stepped up its support for its members and we have provided useful resources to promote employee well-being during these difficult times, including mentoring calls to address and support the challenges of COVID-19.

What is your favorite part of being a betting / health manager?

I love coming with members to give them the opportunity to promote their health and well-being and to support them on their journey. I also love connecting people with resources that help them progress in life.

Why do you think it is important for employers to invest in the health of their employees?

When an employer cares about and invests in the overall health of their employees, you will have healthier and happier people who will benefit throughout the organization – energy, creativity, comrade, productivity, the list goes on. I am grateful for the work where I help people understand and take advantage of their well-being!

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