Locking my baby Fitness toast

I wanted to share it very exciting news on the blog for a little over 6 months. Things are changing, FitnessOnToast is literally expanding; I'm pregnant (not just greedily greedy)! In the midst of COVID's lock-up and what can only be described as an "atypical but unforgettable year", I found myself wanting to escape the

10 weight loss exercises you need to learn

Before learning to acquire any other fitness tool, you need to acquire what you already have: your weight! Exercising using only your weight is not only comfortable, but also prepares you for external resistance later. Craft these 10 weight loss exercises Life can be busy between children, work, responsibilities and personal time! And sometimes that

Yoga Stretches and Fitness 101

When the next stuck at home, as we all are nowadays, keeping at it and continuing to practice yoga and maintaining your fitness can get challenging. Even mellow everyday stretches can become a chore. Netflix and chill, right? But, seeing how there’s a lot more to yoga than just the regular stretching positions, maybe it's

Benefits of training with children

Children seem to have endless energy, and exercise can be a great way to help your children develop healthy lifestyle habits while burning their extra energy. Before starting any exercise routine, be sure to consult your child's doctor to make sure he or she is ready to become active with regular exercise. Your child's doctor

6 strategies to promote community health equality

The COVID-19 pandemic has come as a major challenge to the world, but it teaches us many lessons. One of these lessons is that health is the greatest blessing and the happiest are those who have it. We must therefore take care of this mercy and ensure that we take sufficient steps to preserve it.

Oura Ring Review + Is It Worth It?

I share my thoughts and the full overview of Oura Ring. Pros, cons, sleep tracking, fit and is it worth it? If you see me right away and almost (jk, we're not going anywhere), you'll see me playing sports: my new Oura ring. (Ok, not really * bling *, but it's a giant circle!) After

How to Support Active People, Healthy Peoples Initiative

Active people, healthy peopleSM MeThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) initiative aims to help 27 million Americans become physically active and "work together to create an active America." ACE – with the aim of getting people moving – proudly supports this important initiative. The core value that ACE shares with Active People, Healthy

40+ most important running conditions are explained (complete glossary for beginners)

Do you know what a bust, bonk and bandit mean? The more you run, the more you start talking like a runner. See List of 40-year running conditions is useful throughout your running path. You may need it if preparing for the competition, purchase of running shoesor just try to understand different running training plans.

7 best anti-inflammatory foods

Inflammation can cause many problems in the body, including slowed weight loss, joint pain, heart attack, Alzheimer's disease, tendonitis, general discomfort, bloating and even some major diseases. Most people are mostly inflammatory and have even forgotten what it feels like to be "normal" or how their body should be if it were healthy. Once this

Every action is a story

I heard this quote from Rich Rool in a recent episode of Podcast & # 39; s with the creators of Strava, and it really affected me. In a movement-oriented sense (in the context of this episode, Strava is a platform to track your workouts on a social network), every workout, every physical activity, every

20 tips to get started

By Rachel Grunwell 1. The most difficult thing to do when starting a runway is to make a decision. Then start today. Just jump! 2. Small steps work best. Start with 10 minutes twice a week. Walk to the power post, run next. Repeat. Take it slowly and easily. This gives your muscles and ligaments

Reduce your recovery time with these four tips

Incorporate these habits to speed recovery and enjoy significant benefits during your weight training. With the internet at your fingertips, it is surprisingly easy to keep up with the latest research or find new and innovative training techniques for improve muscle growth. Although modern technology has given us access to the latest training information, it

Sofa for 5K: everything you need to know

You think you can't run? get ready to be surprised !! The sofa up to 5K helps you to perfectly plan your training goals and reduce inertia as the world struggles to restrict movement outdoors. Plan how to move from the couch to a 5-kilometer run in 9-10 weeks. If all your closing days you

Not just muscle butt!

adductor muscle training

Building glutes is a hit with training for women in particular, but do not build one side of the hips while forgetting the other! Here is everything you need to know to build muscle in the lower body. Discover others good exercises here for the whole body. Gluten has become "the new biceps", it is