4 reasons why you need a personal trainer

According to recent research, today's society values ​​health more than any other generation in history. Beauty has become an active and everyday endeavor that includes healthy eating and exercise. Physical activity has reached a whole new level with the advent of modern gyms, fusion training classes and personal coaching and improvement. If you are one

What I read: March 2020

Reading was a total struggle this month. There were a couple of books I started and DNF (didn’t finish) because I couldn’t delve into them. I didn't read EVERYTHING in Nicaragua except on a plane. I have felt SUPER's attention in recent weeks for obvious reasons. And in general, I didn't love most of the



Do you work out at home and wonder if you want results? Want to put the odds in your favor for faster results? Here are my tips for increasing your workout at home. In the gym at home, if you exercise at random, you risk not developing any more quickly. And therefore never to see

Complete list of iron-rich foods

use of iron in our organism

it iron is one of the minerals that is important for our body to function properly. Unfortunately, our body is unable to synthesize it from other elements.Therefore, it will be necessary to take adequate amounts every day through your diet to avoid iron deficiency, which will be detrimental to your health. For this you must


Tits not the post I ever imagined writing. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic affects all aspects of our lives and we must all stay home in order to overcome the curve and protect everyone's life. No one knows how long these virus safety measures have to stay in place, but this is an ideal time to

Pilates Magic Ring to tone your body

how to use pilates magic ring

The Pilates Ring, or Pilates Ring, sometimes also called a magic circle, or Power Ring, is a sports gear the size of a large steering wheel. This ring offers resistance that helps tone muscles with ease, improves balance and makes training much more effective. Use the magic ring to work your arms and upper body

How to Work Towards an Athletic Body |

If you are looking for a tinted body to follow fashion trends, know that the days of stick figures are long overdue. Tonic, muscular and athletic bodies are the last thrill. However, most fitness nubis do not know how to get this perfectly toned body. Take it slow Once you have started your fitness journey,

Instant Pot Salsa Chicken – Carmy

This is the simplest recipe for chopped chicken! This instant sweet salsa chicken takes just a few ingredients and can be used in any of your next tako, burrito or appetizer. Quickly chopped Salsa chicken Using a quick pan leads to some particularly moist chopped chicken and is the easiest way to make chopped chicken!

Can Stretching Help Lose Weight?

Did you know that stretching can help you lose pounds? No? Well, that's because people often just want to know what's going on in your body, when you're stretching, how long you stretch your muscles, or where to spend boot camp hours at Mission Beach. For example, did you know that stretching regularly can also

Why You Should Avoid These Energy Drinks!

energy drink danger energy drink

You can find them everywhere in our supermarkets, even at vending machines selling at the gym, but what are they really worth? Do they have an advantage or advantage? You should know that there are no regulations around these energy drinks, or energy drinks. Before going into detail, these drinks can only be advised against


WORLD HEALTH AND SPA SHOULD GYMVMT AND ITS GYMVMT TO MOVE THAT ALBERTA'S ELIGIBILITY ARRANGEMENT The new membership model offers Albertans the following: the flexibility to choose the offers that best suit their lifestyle Shop-shop boutique sports studios with big-box benefits facilities provide a hybrid experience at a reasonable cost CALGARIUM, DECEMBER 5, 2019 –

BFF workout

If you loved partner training we recently shared, grab your best material and give it a try * new * BFF workout built on two that focus on the combination of heart, power, and core.

How to Program Chipper Workouts |

Programming of choppers Writing effective and creative exercise programs is a craft. You will develop this craft by sculpting your skills and techniques through hours of practice. To further refine this, experiment with variations of your prescriptions. While writing the same programs may be easy to get into, it can stop your positive growth. The

I participated in the first Hurricane Heat 12hrs organized in Malaysia – and here's what happened.

I participated in the first Hurricane Heat 12hrs organized in Malaysia - and here's what happened.

A little context (for those who don't know me yet): I am a 27 part time French PT & SGX Coach, based in Singapore. I also happened to be a 5 ″ 2, 43 kg individual.IG: @thefitnesstheory Sarawak's HH12hrs (HH12MY001) was my 3rd hurricane heat. I participated in 3hrs & 4hrs editions in Singapore in

Unless you have to go through the pain

Fitness junkies evolve through hard workouts. After all, some things are more rewarding than doing an intense routine and getting out victorious – and sweating. But at some point, pushing through training will go from admirable stupidity. So how do you know when to put your ego aside and throw it in the towel, if

How to Grease Your Glutes Fast?


1)Although the breast is the only solution for making implants bigger, it is quite possibleIncrease the volume of your gluten naturally, without going through the scalpel! The goal, of course, is to take ass, without getting fat and holding a flat stomach! I explain in this article How to Get Glutes Fast and Natural thanks