Lose face and cheeks: how to do it?

Nutrition for slimming your face

You want it lose face but you do not know how to do it? You've definitely noticed that people who lose weight have one thinner face and less cheeks. In this article I give you all my advice lose weight fast and reach your goal. Face Loss: Is It Possible? I reassure you, lose weight

how to use abdo roulette

Although the abdominal wheel or Ab Wheel appears to be yet another small bodybuilder, it is much more than that. Try it and prepare for a most intense workout in the abdominal weight! The first time I saw the tummy on TV, I must have been a teenager. It has been around for a very,

Should you hop on a fast wagon?

The advice of the scientific community and the media was quite straightforward. Eat three meals a day. Cut down on snacks and always have a big breakfast. While this may be conventional wisdom, many scientists break the lines by claiming that the evidence does not appear to prescribe fixed eating habits. The vast majority of

I didn't click

I didn't click

I want to change, but I can't. I would like to have clicked, but it does not happen. I keep sinking, and yet I still don't have a click. How many times have I been able to say this kind of expression to myself before I finally had the famous click. The sick being who


During the holidays it is difficult to resist all the good dishes that come with the celebration. Have you just spent ten days linking wine, cheese, lumber, foie gras and other richer dishes each at almost every meal? Consequently, the scale announces a new emphasis for the year 2020. Don't panic. Here is my action

Pork Potters – Carmy – Run to eat

Pork Potstickers stuffed with pork, garlic and crispy golden bases make the perfect meal or starter. These potters are freezer-friendly, so you can always take them! What are crooks? Potters are steamed dumplings made with round dumplings, stuffed with stuffing, usually pork and cabbage. But today I'm sharing a pork and garlic pot with you

100 ways to be #FITAF

There is more than one way to be a FITAF! This is again the time of year when the world uses the #NewYearNewMe reference. Well, this year we have got a new attitude. In light of our # VENT100 celebration last week (you know, where we gave away # 100FREEMembership, # 100FREETrainingSessions, stayed open #

31 ways to do it for the new year

2020 is your year to shine. It is time to say goodbye to 2019 and welcome to the new decade. What is the first step in doing this? Commit to a simple daily check-in with yourself. Doing things that lift your spirit, respect your body, serve your well-being, and lift you up.

How to Raise Muscles in Three Phases

Train your muscles in phases In a functional training room, a desirable movement has emerged from the muscle, which promotes many people. The problem with most coaches is knowing how to advance advanced skills at the right stages of training to ensure maximum expression. This article explains how to use the phases to effectively and

8 sports experts you need to follow on Instagram in 2019

Here are some of the most popular Instagram fitness accounts that don't just post selfies and bootie shots … Ben constantly posts high-quality nutrition tips in the form of useful research (without science), videos, and bizarre infographics. Worth watching! Unfortunately, it's shameless, but I can't round without getting involved. Recipes, fitness infographics with cute dog

Amaranth: Benefits, Nutrition Facts, and Recipes: HealthifyMe Magazine

Our ancestors raised Amaranti for this nutritional value already 8,000 years ago. The amaranth plant is classified as pseudoeral because it differs from other grains on the market. Fruits grown for starch and edible seeds are not included in cereals such as rice and wheat. Reliably versatile Amaranth is rich in antioxidants, trace elements, fiber