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Women in the gym and beyond have been killing it in the fitness industry for years. At VIDA, we have our share of women who spend so much time and skills that they regularly do, from managing sports classes to coaching clients. Our VIDA community is made up of so many women who make our clubs what they are as they continue to play relentlessly. International Women's Day is celebrated on 9 Marchth, and there are so many women who have paved the way, both in the industry and in the world of athletics, to get to where we are today.

It is almost impossible to see a female athlete dominating their sport when turning on the TV these days. Serena Williams… Maria Sharpova… Lindsey Vonn… the list goes on. However, there are some pound runners who really helped women on the track to pave the way and showed all the men there who are real bosses! One of those special women is WNBA player Leslie Sparks. Throughout his successful career, he became a four-time Olympic gold medalist and was invited to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Leslie made history as the first player to ever flee the WNBA game and is now a studio analyst at Fox Sports since the 2009 Basketball Game.

With the Olympics rolling every couple of years, it feels as if every American house has been swallowed up in the last women's football matches. Women's soccer experienced a huge boom in popularity in the early 2000s thanks to the hard work of masters like Mia Hamm. One of the most successful women in the professional football world, Hamm has scored over 150 goals throughout his career and helped lead the US national football team to victory. Since retiring, Hamm has continued his thriving career, appearing in various documentaries and television shows and moving on to the football team.

Women have not only helped shape the sports industry on our home field here at VIDA, but have also helped it grow from a business perspective. Jane Fonda is a pioneer in the "home" fitness industry, launching her own brand of sports videos and books. His video appearances helped spark a baby boomers' interest in fitness and make workouts affordable and comfortable for everyone. Fonda admitted in interviews that she needed to be confident in her own skin, but understanding that perfection was not needed helped her set an example for young women. Another frontrunner who helped shape the industry is Billie Jean King. Although most people are better known as a former world-ranked tennis player, King founded his own sports magazine, womenSports, and his own women's sports fund. He also served on the board of Philip Morris in early 2000 and is today a member of the Board of Trustees of the American Sports Museum.

Some of you may be familiar with our nutritionist, Addie Claire Merlett. Because healthy eating and exercise are a big part of her life, she works hard every day to make the goals of all our members a reality. "Women have taken over!" Merletti notes. “Nutrition has always been a profession of 'pink collar', but sports and training facilities were still dominated by men. Now, many professional sports teams have women's rare sports. "He adds," As many aspects of fitness are seen as men only, or as a woman, you are not part of the gym, like the floor of the weight room. There is also an outmoded understanding that training with difficulty makes us feel “too masculine”. I love the idea of ​​changing our bodies and increasing our strength if we want! They are OUR bodies. "

This year, as we celebrate International Women's Day, we thank all the women who have been both influential and who have helped shape the world of sport as we know it today. Kill it every day, helping our industry prosper, and show all the men who you are

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