Cellulite in the stomach or thighs? Learn why and what to do%

Do you have cellulite in your stomach?

Cellulite in the thighs?

Cellulite on your stomach?

All normal.

If you are a woman, especially (but not limited to) if you are over 30, your body is likely to have some cellulite.

There's a good chance you might think it's ugly and you want it to go away – because we certainly have the conditions to think so!

Hundreds of thousands of anti-cellulite products fly off the shelves every day. Non-invasive cellulite treatment (creams, creams and even supplements) is a multi-million dollar business.

According to some people (including Oprah), cellulite is a health problem today, and it has even been called an epidemic, referring to the rise in obesity in humans and our unhealthy lifestyle.

But what if I told you all this was not true?

What if I told you that the word "cellulite" was entirely made up of companies that want to make money from the insecurity of women's bodies? Click the Tweet button

In other words, what if I told you that cellulite and all anti-cellulite treatments are complete BS?

Last year on a Canary vacation, my husband got a quick video of beach training on his social media channels.

When I first saw it, I thought, "where is the delete button?"

I am a sports professional and have seen many times the white women in my job find themselves on social media to show even the slightest cellulite.

But then I realized that I didn't want to be part of the big fat, lies that pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies despise.

On cellulite, lies:

  • Only overweight people have cellulite
  • Cellulite is caused by toxins
  • Cellulite is not normal

This is not true, cellulite is not caused by toxins, it does not only occur in overweight people and it is certainly normal.

That's right, cellulite in your stomach, thighs or butt is as normal as my cellulite.

Get rid of the illusion of cellulite

When I posted the video, I knew that some people under the illusion that cellulite = unhealthy might have every chance they could see it.

But I thought, "If I feel insecure seeing this tiny toss, how can some other perfectly healthy and beautiful women feel their bodies?"

It was clear that splashing video could be an opportunity to start a major conversation.

Then I quickly wrote a caption about my insecurities, hit the post button, and backed myself up.

I really don't have to worry. The response was huge.

I received comments and personal messages saying:

A) I had no cellulite at all (which is not true, I have them, but you are right, there really is nothing wrong with that!);

B) that my honesty really did affect people;

and C) Many women were surprised that I had cellulite because they did not associate it with athletic body types.

Here's a big revelation: Almost all women have some type of cellulite in their body, regardless of the size or level of athleticism. Click the Tweet button

Almost every woman has cellulite

According to some studies, 85-98% of adult women have cellulite. It's not pathological, but shockingly, the same research is being used by companies selling products designed to improve it. Total brainwashing!cellulite in the stomach

Fitness trainers, fashion models, elite athletes, almost every woman and many men have cellulite.

The reason for this is that cellulite is not even a "thing", it's just regular body fat that is shown through the skin in areas where the skin is thinner.

That's right, cellulite is just normal body fat.

Therefore, it is more visible to women than men because we usually have thinner skin – that's it!

This is normal fat that occurs in areas where our body is thinner.

Also, moving around and going through your hormonal cycle, which affects the level of water stored in your body, can show a bit more shock. This is especially true for cellulite in the stomach, but also elsewhere.

Even the most expensive cream won't remove it – just like creams can't remove fat from other parts of the body.

Certain creams and treatments can temporarily soak the skin to reduce the appearance of orange peel for a short period of time. However, no matter how much you spend on anti-cellulite treatments, there is no magic ingredient that will reduce body fat and distribution.

So how can I get rid of cellulite?

There are some things that actually work to make your skin less bumpy:

Reduce body fat

The less body fat, the less it shows through your skin what we think of cellulite on our stomach, thighs or buttocks.

These are just areas where we tend to keep most of our fat reserves.

Remember that a healthy body fat level is needed for your body to function properly! However, if you need to lose excess body fat, this is likely to improve the smoothness of the affected areas.

Here are some important truth bombs on how fat loss happens.

Take a suntan

Darker skin tends to hide cellulite better, so if you are pale, like myself, getting a tan can help.

However, tanned skin is sun-damaged skin and we certainly do not want the dangers or the effects of aging! So I use fake brown.

It gives you that youthful and restful look and is much healthier than sunbathing, which is the number one cause of skin aging. A bit of color makes the orange peel much less visible.

Healthy eating

Water retention can be a big factor.

Do not add salt to your food and eat mostly unprocessed natural foods. Alcohol is also a big culprit. If you want your Spanish beach vacation photos to be impeccable, just go around the sangria (which I certainly didn't at Lanzarote! 😆)

Stop believing lies

But honestly, my best advice is to get used to the idea that cellulite is normal and stop worrying about something that is a natural part of the human body.

Instead of sucking ourselves into such negative and frustrating marketing, let's value and love our bodies for doing them for us!

Let's celebrate our wonderful body with aces!

This post was modified and updated on October 17, 2019

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