Change in the world

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Change in the world

Every day I work with people who know they want to change physically and mentally. As human beings, we all have the innate idea that in order to be truly happy in life, we must begin this journey by recognizing value in our own bodies and achievements. I've seen thousands of people take this first small step and then move on to become healthy and successful.

The funny thing is that most of these people have found that their personal development is still not enough to achieve true fulfillment and happiness in life. The most successful people find that despite their personal growth, they still have an insurmountable need to make a difference in this world.

Discipline and self-motivation

However, people who find the discipline and self-motivation to change their lives can still be puzzled if they want to change the world. It seems to all of us that this would be an enormous task and that all we as individuals can do is too small and insignificant to change much. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. What matters is not the size of the world's contribution, but rather your efforts and motivation to change it – even if it is for just one other person. Beloved mother Teresa best summed up this philosophy with her famous quote,

"If you can't feed a hundred people, eat only one."

~ Mother Teresa

Lead by example

We should try to influence others to start doing things that make things better, and the best way to convince other people is to be a role model. Make it a habit to do one little thing every day to make a difference in the world. Other people notice. You do not have to do it flamboyantly or selfishly – just do it. How long your people will follow your lead, and before you know it, one small drop that helps you make a difference, will become a wave of human change.

Start changing something by doing something to help someone who is in your power TODAY. Help someone get to your appointment without a car, and then help them find a way to get around whenever they need transportation. Offer to watch an overworked mother's baby for a few hours every week while she takes a personal break. Make a small donation to a local charity that empowers people. All these little things can be done "Something to change" began.

Once you get started, your daily personal role model will give others an effort to change the world. To continue the process, be generous in praise and recognition for others who can make a difference through their contributions. Help them in their efforts to blossom and grow.

By empowering other like-minded people, you can change the collective effort of all enlightened people. Let others know you find the value of their contribution.

“One candle can light thousands of candles and the life of the candle will not be reduced. Happiness never diminishes by sharing. "- Buddha

The important thing "Something to change" it's not about focusing too much on your own fulfillment, but focusing on the happiness and power you give others. Share your treasures and reveal to others the many treasures they have that may have been hidden to them. Helping other people unleash their potential also enriches you. It's easy.


Empowering others

Finally, try to make a distinction that is long lasting and permanent. The old proverb is that if you give a man fish, you will feed him for a day, but if you teach a man to fish, you will feed him all his life, that is so true. What we want to do makes more difference if it has a long-term rather than a temporary effect. All too often, we help people in ways that only make them more addictive and powerless.

Try to help people in a way that empowers them, giving them the right to help themselves. Look for solutions. Educate people. Teach them to help themselves and others.

You can change anything

So "something to change " in this world, first of all, in the form of one's body, mind, and life. This first step will give you the energy, skills and motivation to help others. Then just take the time to lead the way by doing kind and charitable small exercises every day. Next, follow your individual efforts by sincerely encouraging and acknowledging the contributions of others.

Finally, look for ways to make a lasting change that will empower those you help to make a difference. You will soon make a significant contribution to the world that will bring you blessings and happiness throughout your life. Change is important.

Laura London

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