Christmas Training – LGF Style

Christmas trainingSanta's life is the cutest. She literally doesn't do anything for 364 days (sorry, but we all know that elves do a dumb job and Mrs. Claus is the brain of the operation), then she pulls one night, which is basically flying a fragmented world, making a snack to eat some cookies, making it his place as the most beloved person on the planet. Honestly, that's the kind of BS you ask me.

However, I have been in contact with someone and probably should start again.

You may have noticed that the world has really made a dent in the last few days at Christmas. And there are only nine bedrooms left until Santa falls down the chimney take full credit give us the press what opportunity we have to take advantage of Christmas with this very special little Christmas training I've done. Basically, it's a drinking game, except for a bunch of fun ("maybe") because you have to do exercises instead of shooting, which means you wake up with a thicker tail instead of a huge hangover. You're welcome.

So it works like this:.
There are a bunch of rules you need to follow (below). Every rule has an exercise. Make up your workouts throughout the day and finish them before bed at night. (If you have a social event that inhibits your ability to finish your exercises safely at night, you can take them to the next day – yeah!).


When you hear a Christmas carol: 5 squats
When Mariah Carey sings this Christmas song: 20 burpeeds
When someone tells you that you have a Merry Christmas: 10 lunches
When you walk a bunch of drunk people at Christmas party: 10 pushes
If your child asks you how many hours until Santa comes: Dipping 10 sticks
When your child pulls a Christmas tree on himself: 30 climbers (and maybe you'll secure it next time, yes, Jess?)
If you buy something online: 5 Supermen
If this is something for you: 20 high knees (good for you, you deserve it)

OK, so the challenge between your current and Christmas holidays is implementing Christmas training. This is an 8 day bonus exercise for you team. Think of it as my gift to you.

You are so welcome! xx

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