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OK, we can't get out of the house anymore, and not everyone is lucky enough to have a garden. Whether you have been addicted to sports for a long time, or you feel the need to move a little to clear your head, it is important to maintain a sports routine (or at least active) during confinement. We will discuss muscle building exercises in another article, but first we will focus on one essential question: How to do cardio when locked in at home? Here's a quick reminder of why cardio is important, and some cardio ideas you can use today from your living room!

What is cardio and why is it important?

Cardio is something physical activity that increases heart rate, to put it very simply. In practice, this means that your heart at rest beats at a certain rate, counting in bpm (beats per minute). Everything that makes him speed = cardio.
Next, note that there are cardio "zones", which are calculated from your maximum heart rate. There are tests to get precise and individual shapes, but if you don't want to crush your head, just look at the table below.

Credit: Fitness Health

What does it mean, all this? If you just want to sweat a little, Exercise between zone 2 (weight control) and 3 (aerobic) will be good. We can make them last longer because it doesn't attack the energy stores that much, and they allow the body to control the lactic acid produced by exercise as it goes along. When you took in zone 4 or 5, You obviously burn more calories, but your body struggles to get rid of the lactic acid produced and you get tired much faster.

Remember that Exercising in a particular area will improve your cardio FOR THIS AREA. If you just do "aerobic" cardio, you will be more effective with this heart rate there … but you will not get better at the sprint (which is zone 4 or 5).

How do we monitor? You can choose a connected watch, but beware! They tend to have difficulty picking up rapid frequency changes (as with HIIT or sprints). The best option is the belt with heart shield.
Personally, I use this Decathlon model, after leaving a Garmin which disappointed me greatly.

If I'm locked in at home, how many times a week do I need to do cardio?

The answer will be simple: the more, the better ! At least 30 minutes, three times a week, in zone 3 or 4, it is very good for the cardiovascular system. Obviously we can do a lot more, but we avoid reaching zone 5 too often.

5 Cardio Ideas You Can Try Without Leaving Your Home

1. The jump rope

Despite the slightly childish air, the jump rope is an excellent heart exercise – it requires coordination, a steady pace (with the danger of being caught in it)
The right rhythm: we start with 3 or 4 sets of 2min non stop, with 1min break in between to recover. Eventually we move on 3 sets of 3 and then 4 minutes. This is one of the classics of Thai boxing training, perfect for sweating and exercising long-term workouts that will do good for your heart.

Jump rope

2. Going up the stairs

Nothing better for steel thighs and calves than the stairs – running fans will tell you! We choose a staircase and we accelerate up the slope, then we go down jogging (so as not to damage our knees due to the impact).
On the other hand, you promise me that you run safely, eh – we pay attention or we set foot!
The right rhythm: 10 climbs-descent to start, and we increase a little every day. We can also add an exercise like 10 squats, or 10 lungs, at the top of the stairs, to burn the muscles!

training staircase

3. Jump squat or jump lunges

A very good cardio workout that also works as muscle building for all the muscles of the lower body? Squats and lunges in their dynamic version, of course! It takes a few attempts to get hold of the movement. The goal? Jump as high as possible and do the rehearsals as fast as possible. We work with the explosiveness, we sweat a lot … and we make concrete butt.

The right rhythm: 5 sets of 10 jump squats, or 10 jump squats on each side.

... Squat Jump Squat Jump Blocked
Reminder: jump squat
jumping slots
Reminder: skipped lung movement

4. Kettlebell swings

For those who have changed into having a Kettlebell at home (or who are ready to buy one), kettlebell swings are an excellent exercise that combines both relatively strong cardio and strengthening a large number of muscles, and especially the deep muscles.

The right rhythm: 4 to 5 sets of 15 reps (we can do a full workout by adding other exercises in between!) – we choose a weight that is heavy enough to be challenging, but not too heavy, so as not to risk harming us self. back .. or drop it in the living room, unintentionally!

5. burpees

As a Spartan trainer this is obviously my first recommendation because it is a complete movement and it raises heart rate very very quickly. That said, I know many are not fans, so I'd rather put it at the bottom of this list – However, this is the perfect time to learn the real move! We keep our exercises calm, use ourselves, just to get all the benefits! For beginners, the pump is not mandatory – you can just throw your feet back and bring them back by jumping between your hands, without lowering your upper body to the ground.

The right pace: 3 sets of 10 (with just enough to recover between sets)

6. (extra) invest in a treadmill or beet!

I know, it suddenly requires a little more resources, but if the situation lasts and the need for sports itches too much, then know that it is possible to order online and get good quality units delivered at a relatively reasonable price. Obviously, not the perfect solution for beginners (because it still has to be profitable) – but if you want to resume training seriously for future races (which will be scheduled soon, I hope at least), c is a good solution!

And you, what's your favorite indoor cardio? Have you been playing sports or resumed since the beginning of the lockout? Tell me everything in the comments!

Note: I am writing this article in March 2020, at the time of the Covid19 pandemic – I dare hope that in a few months it will only be a distant memory and that this article will only be used by those who have lost the keys and cannot leave and enjoy the wonderful outdoors. In the meantime, stay home, make pancakes or banana bread, remember to move every day, and above all, take care of yourself!

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