Cybex consoles can now seamlessly pair with Apple

The trainer logs in to the Cybex 70T console before training with his Apple Watch.

The rapid growth of digital technology has made the world a firmly connected place in the last decade. People expect digital accessibility – access to home thermostats and security systems, cars and social media accounts.

This level of connectivity has become a big part of how people approach their personal abilities. Portable and sports apps are commonplace. They enable trainers to monitor their workouts, stay motivated, chart progress and receive training instructions to make their workouts more effective.

As far as the training industry is concerned, devices such as smart watches, heart rate monitors, and exercise trackers do not seem to go anywhere. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) named the number one “wearable technology” of the 2019 training trend. The annual list is compiled after interviewing fitness professionals worldwide. Portable technology returns to the top spot where it was on the 2016 and 2017 lists. That was number 3 in last year's survey.

CCS Insight, a global technology-focused analytics firm, predicts sales of smart handhelds will reach 233 units by 2022, nearly doubling its estimated 2018 sales. Much of this is attributed to the success of the Apple Watch.

All of this means that training equipment companies need to pay as much attention to the digital connection as to the physical experience of the training equipment. Cybex does just that.

It is now compatible with the Apple Watch 70T. This way, trainers can simply tap on the Apple Watch training console to start a training session. No need to download additional applications, press additional buttons, or navigate complex menus. Once connected, Apple Watch and the exercise machine exchange data such as heart rate, calories burned, distance, speed, and slope. This connection provides trainers with extremely accurate training tracking.

Trainers benefit from technological advances. And for Cybex, it is imperative for digital innovation to keep up with what they expect and need.

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