Diet: Does skipping meals help you lose weight?

This is a question that I often see passed, and I want us to take stock once and for all: Some people seem to think that skipping meals can increase the rate of weight loss or repair excess, Created the same day or the day before. then, are you starving yourself a good idea?
For those who have been reading this blog for a while, you already know my background: no, no, no and NO. starving yourself is never the answer – let's see why together.

When I'm told that "suddenly I skipped a meal to make up"

Skipping a meal means you are not losing weight

The only thing that makes you lose weight, it is a stable and lasting calorie deficit over time, that is, you consume fewer calories than you consume – during the day, but also during the week … In short, it is a balance! Skipping a meal may mean eating fewer calories at that time, but chances are you'll want to skip food during the meal that follows, or try to make up for a very excessive meal just before. Result, the balance is still not good ( The calculations are not good, Kevin) And you deprive your body of what it really needs (see next point.)

Skip meals causing deficiencies

Whether you like it or not, meals are used to give your body what it needs to work – ie macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fat + fiber, I encourage you to read this article on the Flexible Diet to better understand needs of the body) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).

If you skip a meal, especially if you do it because of a past or future surplus (usually something very oily or very sweet, with little nutritional value), you deprive your body of what it really needs. Result: He will dig into your muscles to find protein, drain your glycogen stores to find energy, and probably won't touch your fat reserve since he feels at risk.

Your body when you decide to put it away.
But what, with the periodic fasting? (intermittent fasting)
The young intermittent and in a completely different mode of operation from the body, which is based on a switch of the energy system used – I will devote an article to this very soon.
Spoiler: it is effective, but there are great questions to ask about the topic.

Skipping a meal is punishing yourself

If you skip meals because of overeating or expectation, it mostly points to a very negative view of food – and that's a problem. Food is fuel, which allows your body to function properly, to achieve your physical and sporting goals, but also and easy to live and think.

It is quite possible to compensate for an overly abundant meal by making better choices – you can read the article "I have eaten too much, what should I do ?!" to see more clearly.

In general, it has to balance a surpluswith a meal based on 100% natural ingredients (no industrial products), rich in lean protein and fiber (green vegetables, what), and drinking lots of water is the best way to tell your body that the surplus is over and that we can start on a good foundation. A restart, in short! We can limit starchy foods and fats to save a few calories that we don't necessarily need (think calories are like an energy bank, we shouldn't store more than what we can use during the day / week)

We can also choose to spend a little more that day – obviously not to punish yourself, but to do good for your body while burning excess calories. a little run outside, an improvised bodybuilding session, a game of tennis with friends doing wonders!

lazy tennis poison
as long as you put your own in it, huh.

What to remember:

Not skipping a meal is never a solution, except if you are in periodic fasting, you know exactly what you are doing. Eat a balanced diet, think about your caloric balance for the day and the week, rather than having a narrow vision, and above all, make peace with your body and food – the human body is a very intelligent machine and it lets you pass a few redundant if You make the best choices for it (and for you!) most of the time.

(yes, this is the ugliest GIF I have found to emphasize my point.)

Questions? Any notes? Do not hesitate to let me know in the comments below!

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