"Diet": What does it mean?

We are talking about the word diet and how we are adept, which often means a way of doing things that is too strict, negative and not sustainable for a long time.

We've all heard it all too often, whether by ourselves or by someone we know and love … "I'm on a diet." Or, "I can't eat it, I'm on a diet." These statements are usually followed by a complaint of unwanted body fat gain, crash or a diet fad that helps them lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time and maybe a reason to lose weight – for example, going on a vacation or attending a special event such as a wedding. The problem here is not wanting to change the way you eat to see changes in your body … that's the way it is done. Many of the diets people continue to take are too restrictive and cut out whole groups of food or reduce their calorie intake to an absolute minimum. None of them are sustainable and certainly not healthy. Of course, losing all your carbohydrates in your life can lead to losing a lot of weight … but it is far from worth destroying your immune system, hormones, basic body functions and luck. If your body is not working at its optimum level, the side effects can be terrible – think about yo-yo diet, mood changes that can lead to depression, stress, lack of self-love, illness, digestive problems, skin irritation, inflammation and chronic fatigue.

Very few people offer real, honest, niru-based education for losing weight, especially on their diet. I think that's why the word "diet" has such negative connotations. Think about it – all these “weight loss gurus” on Instagram, Facebook and your blogs… they don't really tell you what to eat or why, only that you need to eat less and buy their exercise and meal plan program. Although, of course, there are few who really know what they are talking about, most are unable to provide you with true information about what you should eat and WHY.

Why Do You Need Carbohydrates? Why do you need fat? Why do you need protein? Why are fiber so important? How much food do I actually need in one sitting? How does each of these macronutrients contribute to your hormone, brain and metabolic cycle? How does the way you eat affect how you feel and the energy in your body? The person you turn to for a meal plan should be able to answer each of these questions thoroughly. Otherwise take all their recommendations with so-called salt blade.

For you, the word diet is a redesigned mindset … and that's wrong. Unfortunately, most of us think of the word "diet" as small, tasteless meals and weeks of eating the same boring, malnourished food. For many of us, this seems to be the only way we think we will be allowed to lose weight, and it usually goes with a very strict calorie count and high heart rate until a special event occurs. This is not sustainable! This is the problem with the word "diet". Forget that definition and the way you think you need to feel and be on a diet.

In fact, diet simply means the type of food you eat. The term “dieting” means that you only eat certain foods for a certain amount of time… usually until you reach your goal for a special event. But then… what usually happens? You go back to your old way of eating. What we eat and how our body looks and feels is directly related. Your diet should be full of color, flavor, lots of different foods and lots of fun! If you eat properly and exercise consistently for the rest of your life (and stop following a casual diet), you don't have to go on a diet, your lifestyle will keep you healthy, alive and happy!

This narrative hovers around that fit, healthy people are crazy and eat only raw broccoli and cooked chicken and simply suffer from hatred of the food they eat. It is wrong and misleading on so many levels, but if you don't know better, you agree. This is where your health mix should be located and filled with the secrets of roasting delicious vegetables, the wonderful crispy cold apple, and how to cook your chicken so it is perfectly moist … but unfortunately this is usually where a special "healthy" meal is recommended, which would be a great substitute for protein.

We are told to drink special shakes that taste like peanut butter wholegrain or raspberry cheesecake … we are told that we must eat something that gives us the illusion of eating unhealthy food … and by doing so, we will be healthy and fit! We are sold a tape measure … something you can eat deliciously without learning why you eat it and how to get healthy nutrients from the film. It's a meal replacement that tastes like all the things we should learn to enjoy in moderation, but instead we teach ourselves to shake peanut butter and chocolate blends every day.

While this may seem all good and good, many people who join this type of diet have a reason to retreat and regain all their weight:

You are not learning how to establish healthy relationships with real food.

You will not learn how to create well balanced and delicious foods.

You will not learn why protein is important and where to find it in healthy foods.

You do not learn to appreciate your body and all of this for you.

You will not learn why processed foods are terrible for your health.

You are not learning how to incorporate these humble meals into your lifestyle.

You're just not learning.

How can you change your life to achieve your health goals if you don't learn to do exactly that?

Focusing on the obsession with unhealthy food and creating a mentality that can never be eaten again will set you up for failure. Trying to make everything you eat tastes like a chocolate biscuit, even if it doesn't, will fail you.

We have a duty to be afraid of unhealthy foods and try to keep them out of our lives … but then we are told to make all the healthy substitutes we should use, just like the bad foods we should not eat! How crazy is that for the brain ?! (And honestly … most – not all, but most – of these shakes have additives, fillers, and a bunch of things that just don't work for you anyway.) Basically, we tell our brains that we have to be afraid of certain things, then the foods we should love make it taste like the bad foods we should be afraid of … it's weird. Our brains are amazing and can adapt really fast – if we talk to ourselves over and over again, we will finally believe it! But what the hell is your brain supposed to do with this puzzlement "it's not good for me, but wait, I can do something healthy that tastes like it's not good for me, so it's actually healthy for me!"?

Nothing … your brain is learning something other than hunting for "healthy" cookies. When you look at it … you are essentially training yourself just to crave more sweets and food. When the day comes for you to end this fake healthy shake and find nothing that tastes like candy but is not candy…, you will finally reach the candy bar. Why? Because you haven't detoxed from sugar addiction, learned how to be healthy, how to enjoy the taste of real healthy foods, or why you should want be healthy to take care of yourself, not just fit into a new dress.

From the very beginning we hear over and over again "Food is bad". Food fears keep pushing us down, but there is never an explanation of how to find the healthy food you love! It's all about hacks and tricks to eating something that tastes like a treat … but never why we need to eat certain foods!


Food heats our bodies.

Food refreshes the mind.

Food heals us from the inside.

Food is essential to life and should be enjoyed!

Focus on learning to love good food – real, good food. Earth-grown food not produced in the laboratory.

Don't get me wrong now! There's a time and place to eat dessert that you can enjoy without blemish, and a place and a place for that sweet healthy shake. The problem is trying to make everything edible tasty, as Willy Wonka designed it in his candy factory.

Find different ways to season and cook your favorite vegetables and you will feel so good that you do not want a fake spot. You don't just feel bodily and physically react – slimming down and giving you a healthy shine – you also feel good because the brain feels good! Our bodies are ready to evolve from real healthy foods. So when we eat them, our brains send us good signals like, “Oh yeah! Do you know how all the nutrients flow through our veins? This is amazing, we feel amazing! “When our brains and bodies are feeling well… I mean, is there anything better? The confidence, optimism and love you feel for yourself is tremendous and beautiful.

More people need to know it … and it only takes a few weeks to clean the cabinets, workout and follow a healthier diet. Make it a habit and enjoy all the incredible, decorative and body-healing benefits of a lifetime – not just 90 days.

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