Every action is a story

I heard this quote from Rich Rool in a recent episode of Podcast & # 39; s with the creators of Strava, and it really affected me. In a movement-oriented sense (in the context of this episode, Strava is a platform to track your workouts on a social network), every workout, every physical activity, every decision to get off the couch and move or summit a mountain is really a story. This line struck me as I have enjoyed training extensively lately; 18 months after receiving Abigail, I feel stronger again and feel at home street parking training before the start of my day, and training at FemSport has been a fun challenge and focus for me lately. There is a story behind all these workouts, in addition to the walks, the short runs I go on, and the ski days we enjoy in our spare time. (Why a ski show? Probably because it was snowing here all weekend and I'm thinking of winter activities again!)

We can watch all the events of our day as stories β€” crawling out of bed first as you decide how to start your day β€” with thanksgiving, prayer, or a strong cup of coffee; the meeting you had with your boss and all the emotions that led you to it; your son's baseball game interacting with other parents. All stories. And I think it makes life a little easier to deal with worldly or disappointing things, because it changes your perspective when you live.

… and today's story involves a little 18-month-old girl.

Abigail is at an age where she understands basically everything we say, but is unable to articulate her feelings to us, which can cause her to be somewhat funny and frustrating! It has really made me slow down, ask questions and try to listen, which can be hard for his own disappointments, shouts and reactions (and mine!) At the moment. But I love this challenge, especially when viewed as a story, because there is always something to learn from these interactions.

Help had stayed at Grandma and Grandpa's house for the first time over the weekend and they had a blast! Stuffed animals, babies, play with dough, good food and lots of laughter. "Mama" and "Dada" watched our friends' wedding and they had a fun and late night!

… The only picture we took all night but danced our hearts out, we had an explosive MCeeing (our third wedding!) And we loved to celebrate our friends.

But when I got home, he seemed to have a little attitude and I can say that I felt a lot of emotions – maybe you were away the first night away, you woke up somewhere new, you met me at church and not at home, Mikey is gone – maybe he didn't want to come home! Who knows! But he needed to process them, as did I, when I have a day off or something throws me out of my routine. There were tears as soon as that cute and smiling image was snapped up. He wanted to go outside, but it was so close to falling asleep and I didn't want to pull us together for a snowy tour … then let him cry, I tried to talk to him, I tried to lead him away, I tried to put him to sleep… All to no avail. Here's the thing – he had told me he wanted to walk – and I should have known from our cool excursion on Friday that he loves being outdoors and moving!

So we bundled up and went outside – and they both enjoyed it! A story of perseverance, understanding, patience, putting someone else's needs first. I was tired and didn't really want to go outside, even though Abi had said what he wanted to do. And I didn't do anything anyway – why not go for a walk? He loved it and I always like the opportunity to move, even if I am sometimes reluctant at first. πŸ˜‰ We came in, ate food and went swimming.

A few hours later I had a happy baby and we played together on the living room floor.

Eating snacks – that's specifically! – Laughing and laughing!

Now, I'm not saying you can always do what your child wants, anytime (definitely not!) Or that their wishes will be borne by you, but I was honest on Sunday and I just didn't want to go outside. But I saw another story when I stopped, put on our boots and hats, and went outside. Reading my friend Sally's new book Consider Mamas and Papas has really started to leave its mark on me (I'll say a lot more about that later, but I love this new focus!).

I think I say that we always have the opportunity to choose how to approach our larger circumstances, everyday moments and actions – these are all stories and form part of our larger story. How can you browse the script in your everyday, everyday or even frustrating moments with toddlers, friends or at work? What story will your next trip tell you or will your next workout reveal about you?

Go live and tell some stories in quiet moments or great thrills. Live well and be well


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