Fits well and flawlessly after August

Because everyone wants to be!

"If I'm not feeling the best, I ask myself, 'What are you doing with this?' "I use negativity to transform into a better me." -Beyonce

With the coming weeks of summer coming, it is important that we do not lose the race we started on it. Whether you've reached your 2018 goal of directing or are still reaching it like the rest of us, you can't (and better not) stop! Stuck in the gym and not sure what to do? Keep reading for tips Suitable and flawless beyond August!

  • Be aggressive:
    As the end of August approaches, it's time to become aggressive in training! Not sure how? Try BodyCombat, A proposed Group-Ex class in August that lets you feel strength, fear, and flight from September and beyond. There are still a few days to try, so finish today!

  • EMPHASIZE this "summer sadness":
    Sad that summer is coming to an end? Feel the calories and frustrations with our August Train Program STRIKE! Not Level III? That's okay! All members can try out (1) a STRIKE session for FREE during August! Visit our friends at the reception and sign up today.

  • Eat flawlessly:
    You need to work hard at the gym, but the kitchen is where the REAL results are. Stay #FitandFlawless for more fruits and vegetables by August of this year! Don't know where to start? Stop by the Bellini counter and try #HowDoYouVENT? Bowl until August 31st, while the offer lasts (VENT members save 15% off the bowl).

  • Put your protein in:
    If you are still looking for #gainz in August this year, you need protein! Visit our friends at the energy bar and try Berry, Berry Good; August $ 5 Shake! To show our gratitude to our daily pretenders. Too late? Check us out this weekend for our highlight of the September shake-up!

What is your plan to stay in #FitandFlawless after August? Comment below !!

Victoria Smith, Marketing Coordinator
Jermaine Wright, Head of Marketing and Promotion

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