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It is known that there have been unprecedented situations in the last few months that affect everyone's normalcy. Pandemic downtime and social distance demands have had a strong impact on the sports and leisure industries.

As the pandemic is here to persist for some time, many companies, especially Fitso, areNew plain”. Although people are adapting to the changes caused by the COVID outbreak, the sports and leisure industry has a responsibility to meet this challenge and bring sport back as safely as possible.

Fitso is India's largest sports company, serving more than 1 lakh user in the last 5 years. We have consistently brought innovation to our customers, focusing on creating the deepest customer experience. We are proud to have conducted more than 50 sports sessions with one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings the industries know or see. We will continue to work with the same rigor, passion and commitment to our members.

If the whole nation was at the door, then here is what we did to come back stronger than before:

  1. We have been able to retain most of our staff in difficult times so that we can turn around and provide services more quickly.
  2. Although the number of training participants worldwide is declining, we have added more than 1,000 new members to the Fitso family
  3. We have closely followed the safety guidelines issued by the WHO, SAI (Indian Sports Authority India) and other similar bodies to ensure a 100% safe gaming environment for all users
  4. Assuming leadership, Fitso is ready to demonstrate and set new goals for other institutions / academies and centers and help them revitalize the sports ecosystem.

How can Fitso set a new standard for sports?

  1. Fitso, one of the largest organized players in the sports industry, will use its strength and extensive experience in end-use management and customer operations in the near future.
  2. Fitso's management has worked closely with the facility's administration and local authorities to provide a safe experience as soon as possible
  3. We are committed and ready to provide a safe and hygienic play environment for all its members in age groups and in different places
  4. Fitso's operations are managed and managed entirely by the company's internal staff (not outsourced), which helps us achieve our goal and the desired level of safety, cleanliness and sanitation in all facilities

As part of the Touch No Spread initiative, we are working to eliminate all unnecessary points of contact from the time an object enters until the member leaves after the session. Here are some of the changes that will be implemented in all of our facilities after the public sports centers, complexes and arenas are closed:

Before leaving, we would like to emphasize the importance of taking care of ourselves and our families. You are an indispensable part of Fitso. We will fight together and see the end of it.

We are ready whenever you πŸ™‚

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