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Happy New Year! This is an ideal time for most people to make health changes. I really want to congratulate you on taking this huge step for your health! Diets and workouts can become really confusing and overwhelming if you don't know how to get started. The key to the success of any program is consistency. I cannot begin by emphasizing this enough. It was only 3 years ago that I also began to transform my body. The whole gym made it possible and fun. I managed to lose 25 pounds and most importantly – KEEP IT OUT! You may, too, find the right place to find this workout.

Setup goals are so important when you start with something new. So make sure you get ready to learn and be fine if things don't always go perfectly. It's about getting better with each day. Creating a vision board for your year can be very motivating to stay focused. Below I share with you my vision board to give you an example.

So if the idea of ​​training is a new concept for you and you are hesitant, this exercise is for you. To get things started, I use the training deck cards that come with the Total Training Kit. Each exercise I present can be found simply by number. This makes drawing cards and working at your own pace even easier as you gain strength and endurance so that you can raise the level and repeat this routine twice more.

Let's start the fresh year with our transformation!


This workout consists of 10 workouts with 10 repetitions, each with 2 fast cardio bursts
(Prepare water and towel and pause if necessary.)


30-60 seconds jogging or cycling (Cyclo Trainer)


CARD # 24 Serving – Shoulders (Use Cables)
CARD # 3 Seated Chest – Use Cables
CARD # 43 Biceps Curl – Weapons (Use Cables)
CARDIO BURST Jog in place – 30 seconds
CARD # 27 squat – legs and slip (use squat base or toe strip)
CARD # 29 squat one leg – legs (use a squat stand or toe bar)

CARD # 31: Raising calves – feet (use a squat stand or toe bar)
CARD # 36 or # 28 Skiing or Rolling Hats – Legs (No squat or toe bar should be used during the jump)
CARDIO BURST Jog in place – 30 seconds
CARD # 60 Incline Ab Crunch – Abs (use a squat stand or toe bar)
CARD # 59 Kneeling planer press – abs (use a squat stand or toe bar)
CARDIO BURST Jog in place – 30 seconds
CARD # 7 Pull-Up – Back (Use Wing Mount)
CARDIO BURST Jog in place – give it all you have!

Awesome job! Always finish strong and get on with your goals!

If you have more motivation for getting started, contact me on Cassandra's Total Fitness Facebook, Instagram and YouTube with our great tribe, Total Gym Addict's!

Cassandra Kurpiel
Certified health trainer and gym ambassador

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