How country singer Carly Pearce fits the tour

March 6, 2020

Country singer and CMA candidate Carly Pearce sat down with us as her tour stopped in Kansas City to talk about her music career and how she fit into her busy life! Carly wears music for the Forerunner 245.

  • Garmin: How has your tour been so far? What is your favorite part?
  • Carly Pearce: It's been great. The end of the year is coming soon, it's coming to an end. It's been a very busy year! We've done 140 shows. But I think my favorite part is the live show we bring and the show that makes us different fans of "us". You will also see different cities and see what is unique to them. We get the luxury of waking up in a new city every day, and it's fantastic.
  • G: What is unexpected that happened when you were on tour?
  • CP: Well last night our bus almost caught fire. This is not our usual bus [laughs]. I mean, it's just one day in the life. We left Nashville and all of a sudden they had to go to the edge of the road because everyone smelled of smoke. [Our bus driver] came back to the bedroom and thought it was on fire. We had to transfer everything from our bus company at 1:00 am to this bus. You will never know what will happen. We live on wheels. It is common to go from airplanes to bus life, strange showers and weird eateries and strange places. I've done showers in very strange places [laughs]. And I live with five grown men. It's like a summer camp.
  • G: It's been an exciting year for you, you got married, you've been nominated for the New Artist's CMA award, you're on tour. What are you most proud of?
  • CP: I'm proud that I moved to Nashville ten years ago and wanted to be my version of the '90s ladies I fell in love with like Trisha Yearwood, Faith Hill – this version of this generation as a female artist. I was told so many times that you lost track of you, you should have been here in the early 2000s or early 90s, and I'm proud of the musical identity that I wanted to create that people told me I would never work, who I am and that is who I am. I've never switched to anyone.
  • G: You do such a great job of showing your followers a glimpse of your real life. Do you think it will help you connect with your fans?
  • CP: I think that's the case, I think everyone sees the highlight of our lives in rolling, makeup and hair, fancy clothes and stuff. This is ours, but it is also our job. I just want people to feel like they know me as a girl running outside in the grocery store, that keeps me normal. It connects me and it humanizes me with them.
  • G: Staying healthy and staying healthy is a big part of your life. What motivates you to move on?
  • CP: Over the last 10 years, I have really been emphasizing this. My dad had a major heart attack as a teenager and it just shook my world. My family currently has heart disease and cancer is a big part of my family log and health. I feel better when I exercise, I feel better when I eat right, and I feel better in my mind. My whole life is chaotic, as much as everyday. When I have so little time to control, I use it almost as a running meditation and my body enjoys playing and performing shows for an hour and singing and not lulling myself. If you have people around the clock looking at you and taking pictures of you, you want to look your best and feel your best. I always said that if I'm not an artist, I'm going to study nutrition or sports medicine, I love health.
  • G: When did you first start running?
  • CPA: I was 18 and I worked for Pigeon Forges, people know I worked for Dollywood. I was getting ready to work in another theater and I had to lose some weight to fit in some clothes. I never really thought about running, I started running and fell in love. He lost weight but never gave up. For me, it has become a lifestyle. This is something I am very passionate about. Some people find it weird [laughs]. Before, I couldn't run to the inbox. It is very different now.
  • G: You carry Forerunner 245 music. How do you use your watch only for running, anytime in the gym?
  • CP: I use it anytime I workout or train. I really want to know how far I run, compare miles, calories and all those things. One of my favorite features is that I can run and it vibrates at any moment and I know I hit a mile and I know I can look down and see what I ran on that mile. I see my time and it motivates me. It's very effective – I always have it in my workouts.
  • G: What are some of your favorite features?
  • CP: Probably my favorite feature is knowing when I've completed miles. I like being able to post these viewing photos, how far I ran, what my average pace was, all those things. I really love it.
  • G: Is it difficult to keep a healthy diet on the road? How do you do that?
  • CP: Yes! In our house with my husband and I, we do not put what we want in our house. Unfortunately, I live with five men who do not follow their weight like me. They have all these bad things [laughs]. I'm lucky to be a warrior on my diet, I take all my food. Getting a coach was a game changer. I have a stove and pots and pans here, an oven and a fridge. I cook oatmeal at the tea or cook chicken at the tea. You have to make it. It's uncomfortable, but I make sure I bring food so I'm not tempted to eat fast food. They like snacks and I like them too, I just don't keep them in our house, it's just like my house.
  • G: What is your favorite city to run to?
  • CP: Boston. We played there not too long ago, running past the green saloon of the Charles River. Any kind of urban landscaping is my favorite. Chicago is really fun to run. I ran 8 miles in Boston that day simply because I couldn't stop.
  • G: What your fans don't know about you?
  • CP: I'm very introverted. What you see on social media and what you see on stage is very open, honest and sociable, but at the heart of it I am quite introverted. I like being alone. Before I met my husband, I went out to dinner, went to the movies myself, and I'm fine [laughs]. But I still love country fans!

Carly's self-titled album Carly Pearce just dropped and you can watch it here.

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