How fast should you lose weight in the long run?

How fast should you lose weight? The short answer goes as slowly as you can get it. In this case, the scale may be your best friend or your worst enemy. If the goal is to see the number sink, the number displayed on your scale often does not exactly reflect what is actually happening in your body.

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No matter how fit you are, the number on the scale can fluctuate by 2.5 kg or more on the same day, for example, depending on the amount of water you drink and the food you eat. These variations do not mean that you have definitely gained 2.5 kilos of fat. For this reason, it is important to weigh yourself every day, at the same time, and include a tweezers figure that appears on your scale.

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Remember that lasting progress is usually quite slow when weighing yourself. Depending on the number of calories you reduce in your diet and how much exercise you do, 0.5 to 1 kg lost per week is a sensible goal.

But sometimes, especially if you are on a long road to physical transformation in the long run, the balance may not move for several weeks or months while you see a drop in fat in the mirror. stomach. If you gain muscle and lose fat, the scale will not tell you, and the number shown will not move. Just be aware that over time, your consistent approach will eventually pay off. Slow weight loss is always the best choice! Think of it this way: the pounds have not put on you in a few weeks, so they won't disappear in a few weeks either.

If the number on your scale is still in your head, it may be important to limit the frequency you climb it. It may also be beneficial to take pictures of your physical progress on a weekly basis. This way, you will notice these small changes and you will feel motivated to keep going. It can also be useful to check your body fat percentage gradually, but it is not important.

Certain supplements will help you avoid cravings like whey:

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If you are really interested in bodybuilding, you may find that the number on the scale is increasing rather than decreasing, because your muscle mass is only increasing. Remember that your bathroom scale doesn't say everything, so just worry about what you see in your mirror, how you feel about exercise and how you feel in your clothes.

Lastly, be aware that it is not important to weigh yourself, many reach their physical goals without.

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