Tits not the post I ever imagined writing. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic affects all aspects of our lives and we must all stay home in order to overcome the curve and protect everyone's life. No one knows how long these virus safety measures have to stay in place, but this is an ideal time to protect and improve your health while practicing social distance. While you may feel like you are eating everything that stands out and turning off your routine completely, you can be healthier the more you give your immune system if you become ill, and so I wanted to share some of the steps you can take to eat healthier. time:

PageThe Future: Working from home or just being home can leave you thinking that you have more time on the go, but in reality, housekeeping, home-schooling and catching up on emails can give you less hours. While you may be tempted to break any type of routine and pop into the supermarket if you need something to go, try to get it under control if you plan to plan your breakfast, lunch, and dinner for at least five days. Create a weekly menu and pop it in the fridge so you and your family can work together. If you have kids at home, get them involved in meal planning, preparing and cleaning, and working on their reading and writing, maths and science is also very easy:

  • Reading / Writing: Ask them to make a list of what's in the cupboards and refrigerator, and ask them to look at recipes to find snacks and meals your family could try.
  • Mathematics: Ask them to count the number of ingredients, make cabinet items, or help plan the time it takes to cook, cook, eat, and clean up.
  • Science: Get the kids to bake bread, make pizzas, cook eggs, and search the internet for why the ingredients change when they are combined, heated or mixed.

Make it is fun: whether it's homemade or home-made, eating more meals at home is a new routine for many families. Keep stress down by making meals fun and team effort. Ask your family to help set the table, pour water, make a salad or grate cheese, even create table themes or table names.

Reconnect: There are so many benefits of staying with your loved ones at home that it is an amazing opportunity to connect with your family or friends. From the food menu, try to turn normality up by eating at the table together or having a picnic on the floor or in a fairy.

Wordering from home: The hardest part of staying at home is trying not to put everything in your closet, especially if you are not used to home. If you are aiming to create your own workspace in a room that is not your kitchen. Put a bottle of water on your desk and even make your own lunch box so you don't graze all day. Schedule regular breaks and, when allowed, take time out in the open air and exercise.

Nutrition: Although it seems like everyone has been running cabinets and stocking up, there is no shortage of food, so please panic before buying. In most cases, it only causes wasted food and you consume more calories per day than you need. Keep in mind that you are likely to exercise a lot less than usual, so you do not have to eat as much during the day. Until it's a negative trigger, I recommend using apps like MyFitnessPal or similar trackers to see how much you eat and to help you get a little in control.

Manage boredom: boredom is one of the easiest ways to get your head out of the fridge. Try to resist hanging around the fridge or watching frantic TV. Create new hobbies, read, cook, make videos with your family, participate in many Live Instagram training sessions, and stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues. I'd love to hear you try to stay healthy at this time, so please pop them in the comments! Be safe guys.

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