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After spending years making myself feel bad in my body, I finally managed to lose more than 10kg of sustainability and transform my body. I explain how I lost 10kg and share my secrets with you.

I explain how I lost 10 kg

My years

When I think about it, I think I spent my teens and parts of my life as a woman trying to lose weight. My priority has always been to lose weight as quickly as possible with minimal effort. Every year at the time of the resolutions or as the summer approached, I launched in the new fashion mode. On the program every time, eat as little as possible, deprive yourself of anything that was caloric, and of course, don't play sports. So of course I often managed to lose weight very quickly, but very quickly, frustration and demotivation made me regain all my pounds, or even more. With all the effects of Yoyo on my body and my morals. This is how I lost 10 kg.

The biggest change was in my body shape and especially my height

Clicked in 2013

In 2012, I got married, and for this occasion I tried to lose weight again to feel as beautiful as possible in my wedding dress. Unfortunately, the stress helped with the preparation, on my wedding day I had reached one of the highest weights I had ever done. After marriage, I completely dropped out of business and continued to grow again and again. But a few months later, January 1st. I had the trigger that allowed me to change my way of looking at losing weight radically. So I made two decisions. First, agree to give me time. After almost 15 years of yoyo, there were actually no more emergencies. Summer had passed, my wedding too, so I had time ahead of me. This allowed me to have much less pressure for results. I also decided to do it right. I started eating healthy and getting back in shape with a goal. Don't feel frustrated and find the motivation to persevere, in the room as in my kitchen. And the results eventually came as with magic explaining how I lost 10 kg

A progressive but lasting loss of 10 kg

Eat healthy for lose weight

Since if we always do the same, we always get the same results, so I decided to stop private diets and try to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Of course, I had to learn how to cook differently, but above all, I had to educate myself to understand how weight loss worked fully. It was the starting point for a long learning of nutrition that led me to continue my studies today to become a diet expert! But getting out of my old deprivation was not easy. But if it took me a while, I gradually lost my extra pounds until I lost almost 15 pounds! With a diet without deprivation and 4 meals a day. A record for me, but above all, this new way of life helped me finally feel fulfilled in my relationship with food. If you need to be convinced, don't hesitate to consult my article one day on my plate to see what a typical day in my diet looks like.

But having gained mass in 2018, we still see the difference

Exercise for a toned body

Getting into sports was really difficult for me. I was never a sportswoman, on the contrary, I was rather the kind of girl who always had a medical certificate so as not to pursue sports in high school. I made several attempts, but quickly gave up. Apart from that in general, I worked only the muscles that motivated me. Demotivated by the lack of results (how to become a fitness champion in 3 months ??), but also by the lack of desire to play sports, I had to find the real reason to be motivated. Because going to the gym 4 to 5 times a week and exceeding yourself, this cannot be done without a real motivating reason. What motivated me was that I knew what the consequences of losing weight were on my body. Stretch marks and falling skin were probably included in the program. So I accepted that if I wanted a firm, toned and fit body, it was only strength training that could help me. Successful effort! Today, despite losing more than 10 kilos, my body has remained firm and fulfilled. So if you want to add the odds to your site, check out my workout HERE.

Fitness helped me lose weight tonically

Perseverance pays

And yes, if there is a lesson to learn, it is that to have lasting results, you need P-E-R-S-E-V-E-R-E-R !! Before I wanted the weight loss to be the fastest break. In a short time, I lose a lot of weight to feel good and resume a "normal" life. Except it doesn't work that way. If we stop and go back to our old habits, our extra pounds will come back. It is completely normal. So you really have to find the desire to change sustainably. It's the same with sports and diet. No endurance, no lasting results. Over the course of 2 years, I changed more than during the ten years of diet I had just done. Ask yourself: How long have you been trying to lose weight fast? How many times have you given up along the way? Since all this time, if you had done things in a healthy and balanced way, you would have finally achieved your results and wasted less time.

On the left, my Yoyo period, on the right, the result of my transformation

Instagram source

To motivate myself, I decided to create a new Instagram account where I would publish healthy and balanced dishes every day. I told myself that it would force me to keep my obligations, and it worked very well. Since I absolutely wanted to find joy in my diet to last, this Instagram account really motivated me to make plates as beautiful as they are good. Very quickly, the community really helped me with many encouraging messages, but also many questions about my recipes. People were quite surprised that I could lose weight by eating plates that tasted so delicious. My community grew very quickly, and I was asked about my recipes. So I lost 10 kilos, but I also wrote my first ebook of recipes (then two others, all available at 3.75 €) and Instagram today lets me transfer this positive approach to other people who, like me, feel bad about their bodies.

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I hope my journey will help you motivate yourself. Remember that it doesn't matter how many times you've tried. All that matters is that there is always time to do things differently and achieve your goals.

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