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Tell me the truth … For a while you let go.
You don't exercise much anymore (see more at all) and you started eating a little worse.

And since then you have felt that something has changed …
You can no longer lose weight, even if you reduce calories.
You have tried all possible diets, but without success.

But what happened to your body?

Don't worry, nothing irreversible!
It's just yours metabolism which since you got into these bad habits has slowed down a bit.

In this article I reveal 7 basic points for increase metabolism and finally find a slim body.

To understand how to increase metabolism, it is important to know what metabolism is …

For metabolism, we mean the rate at which your body burns the calories to meet your vital needs.

We can distinguish two types of metabolism:

  • Basal metabolism
  • energy Metabolism

Basal metabolism is what your body uses as calories under conditions of total rest.

More specifically, it is the smallest amount of energy needed to maintain important functions, such as breathing.

Generally, it is possible to calculate base metabolism (also called MBR):

  • after playing for at least 12 hours
  • in a moment of total relaxation, mentally and physically

However, energy metabolism is based on:

  • the physical activity you do daily
  • thermogenesis induced by the food you eat

So it depends on the amount of physical activity you do and the food you eat.

Declining metabolism can obviously be the cause of many factors:

  • Irregular feeding: Not eating at regular times and without respecting meals can reduce metabolism and lead to weight gain.
  • A frenetic pace of life: never stopping and always running from side to side usually causes a lot of stress … which can contribute to poor metabolism.
  • Poor nutrition: Junk food (fast food, chips, for fatty foods …) offers no benefits to your body, causes an increase in bad cholesterol and completely blocks your metabolism.
  • age: it is clear that the metabolism of an 18 year old is a complement to a 45 year old … Don't forget that it is possible toincrease metabolism of all ages.
  • Sex: A woman's basal metabolism is lower than that of a man, who has more muscle and naturally burns more calories.
  • Lack of physical exercise: Being too sedentary and not activating your muscles on a daily basis, if only with a 30 to 60 minute walk, slows down your metabolism.

I could continue on this list for a long time, but these points are the main causes of reduced metabolism.

Increase metabolism is the key to getting back in shape, but more importantly, more daily energy and better mental and physical health.

Follow these 7 steps to the letter, then I can assure you that your metabolism will unlock and work again at 200%!

Increasing your metabolism has never been easier!
Discover the steps to be implemented on a daily basis:

Regular physical activity

Physical exercise is the most important rule for increasing metabolism.

Yes! You have read it correctly.
Appropriate, regular and well-structured exercise can help you speed up your metabolism very quickly.

Exercise will help you burn more calories and therefore lose weight faster and easier.

If you do not know where to start and want a workout plan to do at home, without equipment, I recommend you discover my 45-day workout program.

It includes an exercise plan with 3 different levels, a food plan as well as many tips for having a top metabolism!

Escape from drastic regimes

Don't fall into the trap of overly restrictive diets …

Reducing calories too suddenly without respecting your daily energy needs will slow down your metabolism, and your body tends to store the smallest food gap more easily …

It's the same if you skip meals regularly, or if you use fasting too often.

If you fall into this trap, you may have very short-term results, but you will gain even more weight after resuming the classic diet.

Follow a balanced diet


As I just told you, drastic diets are not the solution …

In fact, too increase your metabolism quickly, you need to follow a balanced diet that provides your body with all the nutrients it needs to function properly.

It is important to have a varied diet and spread your calories over 5 small daily portions:

  • breakfast
  • dinner Snack
  • breakfast
  • Mid-afternoon
  • dinner

The distribution of calories you eat is also very important.

If you do physical activity (which I recommend), the recommended breakdown is:

Stay hydrated

It has been scientifically proven that drinking water helps you lose weight by naturally increasing metabolism.

Personally, I recommend you drink at least 2 liters of natural water per day, in a distributed way throughout the day.

However, be careful not to drink too much water during and after the meal so as not to dilute digestive enzymes, essential for good digestion!

Use natural stimulants

Did you know that certain foods act as real natural metabolic enhancers?

Foods like coffee or even green tea naturally increase the amount of calories burned by your body thanks to their thermogenic properties.

Of course, they will be effective only if combined with a balanced diet, so I advised you a little …

If you want to go a little further, you can also find my selection of the best fat burners to boost metabolism.

Get enough sleep

Good sleep is very important for fast metabolism.

Getting enough sleep will give good secretion of the anabolic hormones that your body naturally produces during sleep.

And they are absolutely essential to a fast metabolism.


relaxation increase metabolism

Yes, you understood correctly, you need to relax.

When stressed, we tend to seek comfort in food (and often fatty or sweet foods).

When you stress, you usually produce a large amount of cortisol, which stimulates the accumulation of fat, especially in the stomach …

If you want to lose weight, take time for yourself and don't hesitate to use meditation.

Gabriella vico training program

You now know the points to put in place every day for accelerate metabolismbut it is not very clear in your mind?

Do you need a concrete plan to follow to finally get back in shape and be at 100% of your capacity?

Know that a few years ago I asked myself the same questions as you, and I finally managed to transform my body as you can see in this photo:

Physical evolution Gabriella Vico

I have specifically designed for you a complete 45-day workout program that brings together everything I have learned to change my body and successfully increases metabolism to the maximum.

This program contains:

  • A training plan to do without equipment, which contains 3 different levels (beginner, intermediate and expert).
  • eating plan that I have personally put in place to succeed in achieving these goals.
  • 45 tips to increase your metabolism and lose weight more easily.
  • 45 super foods that you absolutely need to integrate into your diet!
    Even in small quantities, they have the power to increase and increase metabolism in incredible ways.
  • 45 slimming pasta recipes to transform your body, make you happy …

Click here to find the FIT45 program

As you could see in this article, increase metabolism is important for being in good physical and mental health and being good with yourself.

To reactivate your metabolism, you need to put in place the advice you have discovered and you will quickly see good results.

Increase metabolism is ultimately a matter of common sense … You "just" eat healthy, sleep well and exercise regularly.

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