How to maximize your trained membership –

By saying YES to Knocked-Up Fitness, you have taken a huge step to prepare your body for childbirth and recovery after childbirth.

How amazing is this mom ?!

But maybe this step was taken overweight …

  • Wondering where to start?
  • Does the thought of being safe for your growing bump make your head spin?
  • Not sure if this job will do anything for you at all?

* Mamas, I know you and we get it all the time! *

These feelings are perfectly understandable … but how best to get around your worries?

By showing and asking questions.

That's why we offer our Knocked-Up Fitness members FREE weekly instructional calls so we can build a strong community to chat every week after pregnancy and childbirth.

No matter how you feel right now, know that we are proud of you, we are so happy that you are here, and we will help you every step of the way.

Since we know that every pregnancy is unique, here is a list of 3 membership call variations we offer to maximize your membership this month … and beyond!

image to maximize your membership
Calls from new members

This call is your chance to meet me: your prenatal training trainer! You can also meet other Knocked-Up Fitness members from all other trimesters. We get to know each other and the whole membership so that you can comfortably use all the amazing tools at your disposal. In this live chat, I will help you get started with membership and teach you how to best tailor it to your needs.

Calls from members

These speeches are intended for all members of the pregnancy stages so that they can ask their specific questions about fitness, well-being and birth. We can share tips not only from your coaches but also from other mama members!

Anniversary calls

Your deadline is coming soon! These calls are for mothers in their birth window (37-42 weeks) so we can review the Knocked-Up Fitness Push Prep method, childbirth plans, all Doula-related questions, and more.

Digital Doula consultation calls

I had to throw away this new resource we offer to all the moms in our community! These calls offer you personalized obstetric training directly from the DONA-trained Birth Doula.

Depending on how much help you feel you need, you can choose between a 1-hour call and a 4-call package. These calls are extra and can be purchased (KUF member or not) here:

1 hour call 4 packet calls

The calls we offer you in your membership do not mean offering magical solutions. This route does not mean hotfixes.

To create a better way of thinking about pregnancy, you just need to show your prenatal health and well-being.

  • Even if you don't follow a workout plan every day
  • Even if you miss a member call
  • Even if you are pregnant, it does not go as you imagined that

One of our wishes is that you do everything you can – no matter how it may be – to feel in power and confident throughout your pregnancy.

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