The exercise bike lets you burn calories, improve endurance and tone your lower body. For almost 2 years I bought a training bike and I get many questions about the model I have. selected. So I decided to share with you my advice on choosing the right exercise bike.

For those who are in a hurry, here is the link to my exercise bike that I am very happy with (except for the room I replaced for more comfort).

The bike I bought and which I am very happy with is unfortunately no longer available, I suggest alternatives at the end of the article

Wondering how to choose the right exercise bike? There are many models, to help you make your choice, here are the criteria you must consider:

The weight of the flywheel

  • High weight (> 15 kg) : Easy to tread – true cycling conditions – Regular use – High price.
  • Low weight (<10 kg) : Powerful shock – Lack of fluidity – Random use – Low cost.

This criterion is very important which affects the quality of the bike and clearly defines the quality of your bike. I recommend you buy a bike with sufficiently high resistance (minimum 8 to 10 kg)

Here is an example of a HIIT workout on a desktop bike


There are three types of resistors: mechanical (a button tightened to increase resistance), magnetic (modifiable from the digital screen in general) or electromagnetic (resistance generated by electric current, the higher the power the more follow-up programs available). For occasional or non-professional use, mechanical resistance is sufficient. This is also the option I chose. but when you want to set up a proper bike training program, it will be interesting to look at the models with higher resistance.

The setting options

If this criterion does not seem the most important at first glance, it is actually one of the most important. These are the settings that will adjust your position and comfort on your bike. If you use it frequently, choose a bike that allows you to adjust your posture correctly: seat height, handlebars or pedals, distance from saddle to handlebars, tilting the saddle, etc. Be aware of this criterion, especially if you are tall / short or overweight because many models have limits (between 1.55 m and 1.70 m, less than 100 kg, etc.). Nothing worse than a bicycle or you are incorrectly installed to never ride it

I bought my exercise bike 2 years ago when I got pregnant

The dimensions of the bike

Again, this criterion is very important, especially if you have a limited area. Be careful not to choose a bike that is too small or too light for fear of clutter, otherwise you will buy a poor quality bike and never do it. I personally did not choose the fall option, but when I see the space the bike takes in my apartment, this option would be interesting! (Although we are honest, folding remains limited when it comes to space saving)

Training program and performance measurement

As in the gym, many models now offer a monitor that lets you track a certain amount of information (heart rate, calories burned, etc.) or even real exercise and progression programs. If the programs are very interesting, increase your budget quickly, it is up to you to see if it will be very useful or if it will be more of a useless gadget. However, the measurement of performance criteria such as heartbeat is in my opinion too imprecise. on entry models. It is better to invest in a high quality heart rate watch. Personally, I have used the Polar A370 for 2 years now and I am very happy with it.

My Polar A370 effectively measures heart rate, calories burned, etc.

The hall on the exercise bike

Honestly, this is almost the most important criterion, although we talk little about it. Nothing worse than an unpleasant stool that will numb your butt and prevent you from practicing or forcing you to stop after 10 minutes. Exercising on an exercise bike is not always motivating, if you do not sit well, it will surely be abandoned and money thrown out the windows. Personally, I bought an extra room for more comfort. Especially since I was pregnant then and needed even more comfort. Do not hesitate to buy an extra hyper-comfort saddle (unfortunately the one I bought is no longer available, I would not recommend that I have not tested it)

Price of exercise bike

Price is necessarily an important criterion when considering how to choose a exercise bike. We need to find a balance between a reasonable budget and the quality of the bike. If you are not an avid bike lover and are just looking for a spare bike for some cardio at home, a budget of around € 300 will be more than enough. I paid mine on the campaign for 200 € (+ 20 € hall). 2 years later I still use it regularly (especially with containment) and I'm still happy with it.

The exercise bikes I recommend

If my bike is no longer available, I have seen two bikes that seem to meet the main criteria for cardiac activity at home. They meet most of the criteria and have received good ratings. I offer a classic model similar to mine, and a foldable model that appears to be of quality:

Foldable version on sale for 229? 99 €
Classic model similar to mine at € 279.97

If you want a fitness bike for more advanced cycling or in a professional setting, you will certainly need to invest in a higher model, but these should be suitable for most fitness enthusiasts!

I hope this article on how to choose exercise bike will help you make the right choice! Do not hesitate to tell me in comments what your criteria are or to share the article if you liked it!

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