LLooking back on my pregnancy, the key times were when I really needed a friend or if I wanted to be able to tell my friends who were trying to support me what I really needed. For this very reason, and since so many of you ask me this exact question every time I post questions and answers on Instagram, I wanted to write this post all about how to support a pregnant friend or family member.

a href = ""> Pregnancy is a funny thing and absolutely nothing like movies do. I had days where I was a normal normal self and then days where I was a devil. Hormones are bitches and they go hyper during pregnancy, leaving you feeling too sensitive, hyper, bitchy, critical or just depressed. I am quite well informed about my body and have had a pregnancy without any complications, but even on certain days I felt incredibly low, so I can only imagine how others should feel when the pregnancy is not as smooth as one would expect.

Ffriendships are not always easy sailing and life events always put the relationship to the test. For me, I discovered that getting pregnant made me think that I no longer wanted to go out or do anything fun, and it was so irritating! I wanted to treat my pregnancy as my last nine months purely selfish, but the people around me assumed that I would just go home bathing and buy baby bibs.

SUpport comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and for me, friends only wanted me to treat me like the person I have always been, maybe with a few extra graces if hormones would make me a mega cow. I wanted to go out for a non-alcoholic drink and chat like I used to, but I also wanted my friends to come to class with me or just to have a nap and just have dinner and watch TV. Even if you don't want kids, or if they're a million miles away, I think the best ways you can support your friends are:

During pregnancy:

  • Download the baby app and laugh with them about the amount of fruit in their stomach, it will help you better connect with what's really going on and make them feel you care.
  • Call them out at night like they used to, just don't assume that being pregnant means they don't want to. Even if they do not, they will still feel that you have asked.
  • Find a prenatal or postnatal class to take them by surprise.
  • Have a girl's night out and help decorate, make a cellphone, or make something for your baby.
  • When the deadline arrives, the offer approaches to go buy some food and then stuff some pre-cooked food in the freezer.


  • If they have a dog or animal that needs walking, offer it for a walk.
  • Offer to have a baby when they have a nap, shower or work.
  • Sneak some nappies or something for your baby, his or her favorite iron and book, or something he or she can show at night reading the gesture that you are thinking of them.
  • Arrange for a post-natal examination or appointment for women's health if they know it.
  • If they are offered a test offer to go with them to workout or class to increase their confidence, or to make sure they can workout.

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