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Although the Ab Wheel or Ab Wheel appears to be another small weight training device, it is much more than that. Try it and prepare for a most intense workout in the abdominal weight!

The first time I saw the tummy on TV, I must have been a teenager. It has been around for a very, very long time. The protesters, all very muscular, sold dreams. After several years I was able to try the tummy again and it was one of the revelations, so much can get out of it, if you can use it. In addition, this small bodybuilding equipment is easy to carry anywhere.

You can buy super abs wheels here:

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Here are 5 exercises with the abdominal wheel on video:

Why Buy a Stomach Wheel?

It is simply one of the best bodybuilding equipment to strengthen your stomach and also strengthen your entire body, for men and women.

It's true: abdominal wheel exercises involve much more than just your tummy. The focus is on great dish (chocolate bars), but you also need to hire:

  • Your arms
  • Your shoulders
  • Your pecs
  • Your back
  • ass
  • And even the legs

It's a good return when you see how much a midsize wheel costs. Although body weight training is not a cup of tea, let's see why you should buy an Ab Wheel.

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Anatomy of the abdomen and exercise of the trunk

There are basically two types of abdominal training:

  1. The first is to flex the trunk: Crunching, sitting up and tilting the pelvis are examples of this type of abs workout.
  2. The second is to work with stability and anti-extension : tablet, hollow body holders and some calisthenic exercises like the front packs.

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The belly wheel offers the best of both: it involves flexing and extending the trunk (like the exercises in the first category), but the most intense phase of movement occurs when the body is stretched horizontally, with abs. anti-extension (like the exercises in the second category). The farther you go in front of the wheel, the more the stomach must hold the trunk straight. As you get closer to the horizontal, the movement becomes exponentially more difficult.

Your lower back is also engaged and a key player in performing the movement with an abdominal wheel, acts as an opposing muscle to your abdomen and help provide extra stability to the spine. In fact, it is not uncommon for your lower back to get tired before your tummy, even when exercising with Ab Wheel. So keep your lower back during your abs workout. Be careful not to bend your back too much, it can cause injury.

Abdominal wheel efficiency

To develop the middle section it is a good exercise to stretch out with the tummy, but you have to do it gradually. Beginners should start working on abdominal stability / instability like doing isometric plank work with the wheel.

Take the default position of a pump and press your hands on the handles of the impeller located on the ground. Maintain a standing position from the tip of the feet to the head, with the shoulders squeezed. It can be difficult to stay stable on the steering wheel, even in a static position, so focus on keeping your entire body to be stable. Aim to stay this way for 30 seconds. You may be surprised at first to realize how difficult it is to do this basic exercise with the belly wheel.

If you still cannot stand in a plank position, then place your knees on the ground. Either way, make sure you maintain the position at all times and keep your hips aligned with your shoulders and legs.

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Once you are comfortable with the ab wheel position on the Ab Wheel, you are ready to start cycling safely with the abdominal wheel.

Begin by taking a plank position on your knees, holding the tummy under your chest, and then roll the steering wheel away from your body as you rotate your knees, before your hips and upper body towards the ground as you extend your arms in front of your head.

Again, don't forget to do itAvoid arching your back or lift your hips into the air. The more you tilt, the harder the movement becomes, so don't hesitate to start with a partial range of motion. Ultimately, the goal is to get the arms fully extended, elbows locked, hover a few inches above the ground, and then roll the wheel back to return to the base position.

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You are not limited to using the wheel only with your hands. With most belly wheels, you can place your feet by the handles, hands on the floor in the pumping position and roll by moving the abdominal wheel to your hands. It's much harder than it seems!

When you can perform 20 reps in a row on the knees in full extension, then you are ready to work gradually on the feet, more support on the knees. Getting on your toes increases the difficulty of the exercise. Full distribution of Ab Wheel is a VERY intense exercise for the whole body, so do it with care.

As with the kneeling version, you can start practicing the extension of your body with the abdominal wheel at partial amplitude. It can even be difficult to do a single repetition. Take your time.

We recommend that you approach the position so you can do a rehearsal if you start and take a rest between the sets and do not overdo it. The more you gain strength and control, the more you can possibly do more repetitions in a series.

Until then, do the exercises on your knees. It's hard enough in itself and build your strength, strengthen the trunk and coordinate your entire body.

The belly wheel is far from a thing!

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