How to warm your body for HIIT training

high intensity interval train

Heat your body for HIIT training

Thanks to intensive interval training, or HIIT in a short time, it has become a wildly popular training trend in recent years due to the real results achieved in a shorter time and various advantages. As the norm is a busy lifestyle, this trend is not surprising.

During increased quarantine due to COVID-19, Xperience Fitness brings you a 30-minute real-time HIIT session through their Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube & # 39; channels. This is the perfect high intensity workout to do in your own home. This session is based on XF's 45-minute Q sessions.

Q is a high intensity interval training (HIIT) inspired session. A Q-session will make your blood pump and your muscles burn if you push yourself for 45 minutes. One workout forces the body to burn up to 1,500 calories within 36 hours of the end of the workout. This means that you burn about 1 calorie every 2 seconds during the session. However, before you start sweating at home, make sure you are feeding yourself this level of activity properly.

Pre-workout – fruit and bar

Bars with nuts and dried fruits, such as Larabar and Kind, are great before a session. Not only do they provide carbohydrates to heat your muscles, they are also great sources of fiber, protein and healthy fats. Choose a bar that is about 200 calories and contains at least 4-5 grams of protein and fiber. Check for added sugar.

Post-workout meal

1 cup cooked vegetables or 2 cups raw vegetables, 1/3 cup cooked quinoa and 3 ounces. boiled chicken

This small meal not only reduces post-workout hunger, but is also great for what your muscles crave. Antioxidants in vegetables and proteins in chicken repair muscle damage and quinoa carbohydrates restore glycogen.

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