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Huel ready to drink

We tried recently Huel Nutritional Complete Powder with great results, so we wanted to try another product from their range.

Insert the Bottle Ready to Drink.

Like drinking powder, a ready-to-drink bottle is described as a "complete meal".

At the time of this writing

It has the following flavors: berry, chocolate and vanilla.

When you consider a large portion of your daily nutrient intake in a ready-to-drink bottle, this sounds too good, especially for those who despise cooking and are sick and tired of lacking healthy alternatives.

But is there anything good about it?

For this review, we put the vanilla flavor into it.

Let's jump in and see how it collapses.

Huel ready to drink

product overview

In a nutshell:

Huel is a product created with minimal effort for complete nutrition.

This is especially common when you simply do not have the time, energy, or resources to make or buy a healthy, nutritious meal.

Huel Ready-to-drink (RTD) aims to extend Huel's product range to a beverage to complement your already busy schedule with the same (almost) high-quality nutrition that powder version.


The difference here is that the ready-to-drink formula cannot completely replace your food Flush powder can.

Don't be fooled,

It's still a great nutrition tool that you can use away from the kitchen in your arsenal, because when you are in a typical Huel (or better yet, in the diet) most of the day, it just becomes comfortable.

Nutrition breakdown

Ready to drink, Huel contains a 35: 42: 20: 3 macronutrient distribution between carbohydrates, fat, protein and fiber.

See the complete nutrition breakdown below:

Per bottle (500 ml) % RI * per bottle (500 ml)
Energy 400 kcal
Fat 18.6 g 27%
– of which saturated 3.9 g 20%
– of which it is monounsaturated 6.8 g
– of which it is polyunsaturated 7.1 g
Carbohydrates 33.9 g 13%
– of which sugars 4.3 g 5%
Fibers 5.7 g 19%
Lightning 20g 40%
Salt 0.7 g 12%

According to Huel's website, the ready-to-drink formula contains a higher amount of healthy fats (namely rapeseed, linseed, sunflower and coconut) to ensure its lower volume and ease of consumption.

This makes sense because it is packed in a 500 ml bottle so it is important to stay in a less saturated state.

Here's a quick overview of how to compare it to powder:

Per bottle (500 ml) 100 g per portion (powder) % RI * per bottle (500 ml) % RI * per 100 g portion (powder)
Energy 400 kcal 400 kcal
Fat 18.6 g 13g 27% 19%
– of which saturated 3.9 g 2.3 g 20% 12%
– of which it is monounsaturated 6.8 g 2.7 g
– of which it is polyunsaturated 7.1 g 7.4 g
Carbohydrates 33.9 g 37g 13% 14%
– of which sugars 4.3 g 1.2 g 5% 1%
Fibers 5.7 g 7.7 g 19% 26%
Lightning 20g 30g 40% 60%
Salt 0.7 g 0.7 g 12% 12%

You may notice that the macronutrient ratio is not as balanced as the powder version (37: 30: 30: 3).

For example,

The bottle version contains higher fat content and lower carbohydrates, protein and fiber.

It's not necessarily a game changer because you still consume 400 calories per bottle, but it just means that you need to bring out extra nutrients / supplements from your macronutrients for the rest of the day.

As mentioned earlier,

Ready-to-drink formula is not intended to be a complete substitute for food, just like a powder, it is a purely nutritional product that ensures all bases are covered.

In summary:

No matter if you want to gain, lose, or maintain weight, the TTA formula is the optimal amount of calories and macronutrients to meet your needs and goals.

Of course, it would not be a Huel product unless it also contains micronutrients.

Like Huel Powder, Huel Ready to Drink is a patented blend of essential vitamins and minerals for maximum nutrition.

See the full overview below:

Per bottle (500 ml) % RI
Vitamin A (µg) 180 23%
Vitamin D (µg) 5 100%
Vitamin E (mg) 3 25%
Vitamin K (µg) 34 45%
Vitamin C (mg) 60 75%
Thiamine (mg) 0.2 25%
Riboflavin (mg) 0.3 20%
Niacin (mg) 3.2 20%
Vitamin B6 (mg) 0.3 20%
Folate (µg) 80 40%
Vitamin B12 (µg) 0.8 g 32%
Biotin (µg) 10th 20%
Pantothenic acid (mg) 1.2 20%
Potassium (mg) 940 47%
Chloride (mg) 460 58%
Calcium (mg) 260 33%
Phosphorus (mg) 280 40%
Magnesium (mg) 84 22%
Iron (mg) 5 36%
Zinc (mg) 2.2 22%
Copper (mg) 0.2 20%
Manganese (mg) 0.5 20%
Selenium (µg) 11th 20%
Chromium (µg) 8th 20%
Molybdenum (µg) 10th 20%
Iodine (µg) 30th 20%

On average, the research bottle formula represents 32% of your daily recommended intake of vitamins and minerals.

In contrast, the powder version provides 37% of your recommended daily reference amount per serving.

This is not a big difference between the two and the bottle certainly does not reduce the amount of nutrition packed compared to the powder, which allows you to get great value for your money.


Like powder, Huel Drink is vegan-friendly.

If the powder version has a higher protein content, which contains both pea and brown rice protein, only pea protein is the major source of protein in the RTD version.

However, it contains brown rice flour, gluten-free oat powder, and linseed to provide a complete amino acid profile, which in total represents 40% of the average person's daily protein requirement per bottle.

Pretty respectable.

Not to mention:

If the ingredients come from vegan sources, it also means dairy-free (great news for those with uncontrolled flavors after consuming dairy-based products).

Although we have unpleasant bowel damage, the Huel-ready beverage bottle also contains chicory root as one of the main sources of fiber.

Chicory root is made up of about 47% certified fiber insulin supporting healthy intestines, improving digestion and alleviating digestive problems.

The rest of the ingredients are quite simple, containing oats as the main source of carbohydrates, as well as tapioca, which is starch extracted from cashew plants.

Tapioca is best known for its thick and chewy texture and, due to its solubility, works well with other ingredients.

If this was not enough:

The ready-to-drink bottle also contains rape, sunflower and coconut to form a list of the rest of the ingredients.

Be sure to read our article to better understand the benefits of these ingredients Overview of Huelipowder.

What is it worth,

The only ingredient that should be kept in mind is sucralose (an artificial sweetener essential to the overall sweetness of the beverage), as it is currently mixed in research.

Sucralose can increase blood sugar and insulin levels in those who do not regularly consume artificial sweeteners.

On the rubber side, it is likely to have little or no effect on those who regularly have artificial sweeteners, so always listen to your body.

Taste and texture

The key to making a beverage is its consistency and texture.

Ready to drink, Huel is thick and creamy and has been expertly blended into a smooth finish, making it quite enjoyable to drink.

This is a complete revelation, as the powder version is known to leave a few pieces here and there if not mixed with the mixer.

So you are happy to know that you are not expecting any surprises in the bottle.

Before you shake it off, let it shake properly and you're good to go.

In taste it is very similar to the powder version (similar to drinking a light vanilla flavored oatmeal).

But I found it to be a lot thicker than if you had to prepare it yourself, even though water had already been added.

I suspect it is tapioca starch at work to increase the richness of the product.

Despite this:

My only thrill would be that it tastes a bit more processed than powder.

To this I would attribute more extra components not found in Huel powder to extend its overall shelf life, which at the time of writing is available at select Sainsbury's supermarkets throughout the UK.

Now you can easily grab a bottle and take a taste test without having to spend a lot of money on the internet to place a large order.

Great result.


The TTA formula is a great way to add to your arsenal if you just skip a regular business day.

Last-minute meetings, while constantly on the move and finding yourself in an area with limited quality and healthy opportunities, can all lead to poor nutrition choices.

Fortunately, the comfort of a R&D bottle is ideal to keep you out of trouble in every situation you are in.

To me:

I prefer to consume it between meals, where the temptation to take unhealthy snacks is greatest.

The fact that it also contains 400 calories, 20 grams of protein, 34 grams of carbohydrates and 18 grams of fat means that I can stay saturated until I find the time to consume my next meal.

Usually it is enough for me to spend another two and a half hours before my stomach starts to speak loudly and remind everyone in the room who is hungry.

The best part is:

When consuming a ready-to-drink bottle, I almost never experience such a post-meal energy expenditure (as I would with most other meals / snacks) as its low glycemic content keeps my insulin levels under control.

It allows me to manage the rest of the day without feeling guilty and maintaining productivity levels.

Ideal for a person with a busy schedule like me.

The value of money

Where the Huel RTD bottle really shines is the overall price.

A one-time purchase of RTD bottles will refund you £ 37. You get 12 bottles (each 500 ml), each bottle costs £ 3.08.

If you think they are selling £ 3.50 a pop Sainsbury's, they offer great value for money.

This is especially true when most healthier options can cost more than £ 3 (especially if you live / work in and around central London) and are unlikely to cover all of your diets, such as ready-made salads, wraps and the like.


The more you buy at one time, the cheaper the bottles become.


If you want to save even more, be sure to order the standard shipping option, where you get a 10% discount on the final price.

For example, if you order an additional 4-week delivery service and order 1 carton of TTA bottles, that will add up to £ 33, which means £ 2.77 per bottle.

Compare that to a sugar-infused protein snack bar at average prices (some can cost up to £ 3.50) and you can win.

The best part is:

Like Huel Powder, Huel tosses a free t-shirt when you first buy Huel Ready for Drink.

Not bad!


To conclude this overview:

Ready-to-drink Huel is a fantastic product around and although it tastes a bit more processed than the powder version, it is a handy essential for the job that many of us lead.

While many may not be fans of this mild taste, my benefits far outweigh any noticeable drawbacks.

The most important thing is

Time will be shorter to be in the kitchen and to have a convenient supermarket meal, to get more bang for your buck.

You just can't go wrong with a few bottles on the go or a sports bag on the go.

Buy Huel ready to drink

You can grab your bottle by visiting your local Sainsbury's, placing an order Huel's website or go shopping Amazon.

As already mentioned,

You can save more by ordering the standard delivery service, so if you have that option, choose this option!

What do you think?

Have you tried Huel ready to drink? Are you going to go for it?

Leave us a comment, we look forward to hearing from you!

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