India is getting better with the day. Are you?

Do you know? In India, 54% of citizens are physically inactive. In addition, less than 10% engage in any type of physical activity. 13.5 crore Indians are burdened with obesity and 7.2 crore people have diabetes. Don't be surprised, this is part of the statistics recently released by the Indian Medical Research Council.

There is no doubt that Indians, who are part of one of the oldest civilizations in the world, were entrenched in physical activity in their daily lives. Traditional Indian exercises like Dand-Baithak and Surya Namaskar are a direct result of this lifestyle. Perhaps it is that our rapidly digitizing nation is reconnecting with the forgotten past that Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched in the country today with the Fit India Movement. He has also given India a national sports day to celebrate the 114th anniversary of the same Indian hockey winner, Dhyan Chand.

The purpose of this movement is to create greater physical awareness in India and to direct its citizens towards a harmonious and healthy lifestyle … this can only be achieved through mass participation in society. In fact, adopting a healthy lifestyle has many benefits. Above all, it ensures that you develop discipline in your life. Second, sports activities boost your immunity and make sure you are not exposed to the negative consequences of a sedentary lifestyle (both short and long term). Third, a healthy lifestyle also increases the productivity of your work and allows you to focus more on tasks.

In fact, India pushed the yoga envelope to India at the UN General Assembly and received historical support from the 177 nations who signed the bill as their supporters. As Native Americans, we also need to contribute and make our people the global focus by adopting appropriate and healthy activities. It can be as small as moving towards Uber on your feet or choosing stairs instead of lifts and escalators, running to a nearby park or joining the nearest swimming pool. We just need to take the first step.

Today, the government has launched a healthy lifestyle movement, but the people who need to lead it and make it successful are the people.
Exercise, yoga and all such activities will keep you fit and energetic. We must all achieve our goals and continue our efforts. We also need a stress storm and a refreshing mood.
That is what these activities do. An intimate session usually offers a lot of learning, training and an enthusiastic mood.

FITSO, which shares the same basic and moral values, will soon become the main catalyst for this movement. It offers all sorts of activities and exercises, swimming, running, squash, badminton, table tennis, to name a few of the past 4 years. The basic principles applied through Fitso are very basic and are considered fruitful. The surroundings, pools, pools are in good working order and clean throughout the session. All coaches are certified and well trained. Cognitive focus is on the volume of learning and development that is so much fun and refreshing for all ages. We believe in the same thing as the Prime Minister and will certainly take a stand on this great goal.


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