Is Coconut Oil Unhealthy?

Mainstream media has launched an attack on coconut oil and gluten-free movement this week, with articles such as:

1. Everything you knew about coconut oil is wrong.

My Comment: How do you know what I know about coconut oil and what makes you the only expert on this subject?

2. The debate over coconut oil can finally be calmed down.

My Comment: Oh good! In the end, the supreme, all-knowing, and biased source declares its own victory in this "debate!" (Sarkasm intended)

3. Coconut oil is not healthy. It has never been healthy.

My comment: Say to all the tropical populations in the world who eat more coconut oil than anyone else is the healthiest population on the planet (or until recently anyway thanks to the introduction of processed food into their culture).

4. According to the study, you should not go gluten-free unless you have celiac disease.

My Comment: It is now well established that modern humans have no business eating modern grains. Ancient grains that were good for health are now extinct on our planet. We have bred them out of existence to produce the sweet, starch-rich (and largely genetically modified) grains we currently have. It's sad but fashionable wheat and gluten is downright toxic. I would eat wheat if I could, but I won't, because the wheat that Jesus and his disciples ate over 2,000 years ago is gone. Also: "Study?" Really? One? And then print an article to the world about it? C'mon boys. Good science will never do that. Moreover, the study they cited is horrendous and what started the Whole Wheat Healthy movement simply compared white, refined flour bread to whole wheat bread and only found that it was LESS but certainly not healthy. It caused LESS weight gain and heart disease, but still MORE than people who abstained wheat completely. And besides, it was just one study. C'mon boys!

This latest attack was brought to you by New York newspaper, New York magazine and the American Heart Association, the three largest mainstream organizations in the world. These three are also responsible for bringing about a low-fat diet, which is the biggest cause of today's obesity pandemic and all of its associated health problems and illnesses.

Whenever I hear "health tips" in the mainstream media, it's a signal to look into the opposite of what they are telling me, because that is probably the direction I should go in order to become healthier. Nor am I the only one who says this. There is a great post about this:

The recent popularity of coconut oil and its gluten-free movement will certainly make people healthier and mainstream through the starch-rich carbohydrate / cereal industry in Monsanto and the pharmaceutical industry. When you are healthy, they cannot make money with you, so now they are fighting back and trying to suck you back into their cheating and profits with such horrible advice.

If you continue to believe in conventional conventional "wisdom" and not explore anything for yourself, it will cost you your life. Quite literally.

If you want to research things for yourself and try reliable recommendations from healthy, holistic sources, you can, on the other hand, be healthier and not only live longer, but also enjoy this life without the need for drugs to keep you feeling miserable.

It's your choice. Do a little "work" and study things, try new things and experience your results, or be lazy and blindly follow the mainstream advice of the current state of health in our modern, civilized world.

Speaking of the civilized world, start your research (if you decide to go in that direction) with rigorous societies of hunter-gatherers who respect their ancient traditions and control how healthy they are. This is amazing. No cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, arthritis, etc. And there is no television, internet or regular information …

Things to keep you going:

The war against coconut oil and saturated fats is more urgent and more important than you ever imagined. Please explore it for you, because it depends on the lives of you and your loved ones! Here is a good starting point:

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