James FitzGerald: How fitness has changed in 20 years

James FitzGerald: How fitness has changed in 20 years

OPEX Fitness celebrates its 20th financial year this year.

For those who don't know, I started my sporting career as a football player (if you wish, a football player), then went on to study university coaching science. Starting my career, I dealt with every possible sport of fitness, ending with functional fitness. In 2007, I was the winner of the CrossFit Games Opening Ceremony and went on to practice functional fitness athletes who went on to train fitness coaches.

Today, I still work with many clients, from athletes to clients of the population. But my main focus is in coaching coaches through the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) and getting the honor of coaching.

To celebrate OPEX Fitness's 20th anniversary, I came up with 20 ways the sports industry has changed since its concept.

1. Today, there are more options for fitness than ever before, but most people are still weaker and less fit.

2. The term "professional trainer trainer" means 30 different things.

3. The 315 lbs from the lever is still 315 lbs.

4. Low-carbohydrate diets have come up with four new brand names, one every 5 years.

5. Endurance training and sustainable aerobic exercise are still the best ways to live and prosper.

6. The intent of training has changed dramatically towards tribalism and away from self-improvement.

7. Sports training in public schools has been removed from the curriculum.

8. Interpersonal relationships are still the only true fit.

9. 5 reps for the 75 lb. single hand dumbbell chest press is still 5 reps for the 75 lb. single hand dumbbell chest press.

10. The fitness industry is now known by the name people – the "influencer".

11. Now there is a sport where people try to train better than others.

12. People still believe that losing weight is easy.

13. There have been 4 new sales names for basic training, one every 5 years.

14. The microsite now means 20 years from now.

15. Most know that the answer is to personalize sports programs.

16. Technology has improved workouts 10 times, while making workout options 10 times confusing.

17. The creativity of programs has outweighed the importance of evaluation.

18. We live longer, but obesity and the incidence of lifestyle-related diseases are higher than ever.

19. Anyone today can be a personal trainer, a strength trainer or a sports instructor.

20. A 6:59 Helen is not as impressive as she used to be.

There it is, 20 things I've learned in OPEX Fitness over the last 20 years. Not as exciting as you hoped? Well, that's the current state of fitness and the reason I'm trying to educate as many fitness trainers as possible to change the paradigm.

Want to do your part? I've done a free of charge The Coaching Toolkit for Coaches, like yours, highlights my coaching methodologies and how I think everyone should train. Download it free of charge and join me in changing the paradigm.


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