Keep track of your training progress and see how far you've come

It's only been a month since you've allowed yourself to become physically active, but believe it or not, you've already made a lot of progress:

First week, you talked to his doctor some important personal health measurements, such as blood pressure, cholesterol, heart rate, and body mass index; in the second week, you have started to slowly use your daily activities, chores, and hobbies facilitate the transition from a sedentary to a more active lifestyle; and by the third week, you've re-introduced your workout routine and knew how to do it gradual progress adds up if you just stick to it.

This fourth and final week is about tracking and celebrating how far you've come.

The moon may not seem like enough time to see or feel physical improvements, but you may be surprised at how quickly your body can change and adapt. You may have noticed that you have more energy, that your groceries feel easier, and that it is easier to go up and down the stairs.

As you change your lifestyle, especially your physical fitness, periodic tracking of your achievements will allow you to enjoy the journey; but more importantly, a monthly reassessment will motivate you to persevere as the pace of improvement slows down, as well as assess which aspects of your routine need to be adjusted.

Because success is not so much the result or the end, but the process. So keep up the good work and use it Monday to see how you've come.

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