Keep up the sport: all the advice and tips

It's gone, now you're really motivated for it resume the sport, transform your body and improve your health!

Only problem: you haven't done any physical activity in a few years now and you don't quite know where to start …

I offer you today my advice for a resumption of successful sports, any age.

Make sure you are in good health

This advice is especially valid if you reach a certain age, usually after 50 years.

If you have not engaged in sports for some years, it is important to ensure that your health is good and that you can resume physical activity without any problems.

The minimum will be a medical visit.
If you want, do a stress test to make sure your heart is working as well.

Follow a custom training program

personal training program for resuming sports

Once you have made sure you are in good health, you can finally start the sport.

Of course, if you bother to put on your running shoes, you expect results.
This necessarily involves setting up a training program tailored to your profile: age, gender, weight, body type, goals, etc.

If you want to resume sports but do not know what to do, do not hesitate to contact me so I can prepare a personal training program for you.

Do not neglect overheating

Good warming is important at any level, but this is even more true if you continue physical activity since your tendons and joints are not strengthened.

Take time to warm up well before each insert by applying a good warm-up routine.

Carefully restart

Resumption of sports is often accompanied by a strong dose of motivation (which unfortunately does not remain often …).

One of the first mistakes made by beginners is to increase the training load too quickly.

Let me be clear: you cannot go from 0 minutes of physical activity per week for several years to 7 intense workouts per week.

Your body needs to adapt to the new load you are applying.
If necessary, just start again with quick walks to rehabilitate your muscles and heart.

Here's how the process of progression in sports goes:

the importance of recovery in the resumption of sport

The recovery phase is as important as training to observe progress.
It is during this period that your body will rebuild glycogen stores and strengthen your muscles and tendons to be ready to face the next stress (exercise).

If you do not allow enough recovery time between two sessions, your body will not have time to rebuild and you risk overtraining and injury.

Please be patient …

This advice goes hand in hand with the previous advice!

Let's be clear, you're not going to transform your body in a few weeks …
Progression is made in the long term, with some consistency in training.

Many of my clients give up after a few weeks because they don't see "enough" results.
Unfortunately, the initial expectations were far too high and unrealistic!

Whatever your goal, never forget it Only endurance lets you reach your ultimate goal.

If you want to lose weight, for example, go on a reasonable basis of 500g lost each week.
If you want to lose 10 pounds, you need about 20 weeks, or 5 months.

Of course, you all know someone who has managed to lose 10 pounds in two months.
But if these pounds have been lost to a drastic diet, they are very likely to resume in the following weeks!

If you want to gain muscle and shape your figure, the results will take even longer to arrive.
Muscle gains are made in the very long term, especially for a woman.
Many people contact me to ask me how long they can have their physique, from nothing.
The answer is simple: several years, if you haven't given up in the meantime …

Break down your goal

Broken lens recovery sports

If you stay focused on your ultimate goal, chances are you will give up before you get there.

In general, we like to set quite high goals, which is not a bad thing.
But if this goal seems too far away, it is psychologically difficult.

My advice as we continue the sport is therefore to Divide your final goal into many small goals for a maximum of 1 to 2 months.
This lets you climb the ladder and chain wins, which is much easier mentally!

Take care of your diet

the importance of food in the resumption of sport

Food is the fuel for your body.

Haven't you put lemonade in the tank of your car? So why not give your body food that is not suited to its needs …

If you want to move on and reach your goal, here are some nutrition tips:

  • Decide how many calories per day to consume.
  • Distribute your macronutrients properly: 15 to 20% protein, 40% to 45% carbohydrates and 35% lipids.
  • Prepare balanced and varied meals.
  • Use whole products for cooking, and avoid industrial products and cooked meals!
    If you have very little time to cook, prepare your weekly meals on Sunday.
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day.
  • Try to follow a sugar-free diet, or severely limit consumption.
    WHO recommends not to exceed 25g of sugar per day. For information, a 33cl soda contains more than 30 g…
  • Eat enough fiber-rich foods.
    Women must consume at least 25g of fiber per day, and men 30g.
  • Don't miss breakfast, one of the most important meals of the day.
  • Do not overlook good fats and use good oils for cooking.
  • Drink enough water. Water for weight loss is very important.
  • Consume slimming tea every day, they are excellent for your health.

If you return to sports without a proper diet, chances are you won't see the slightest result, think about it!

In addition, if you want to lose weight, you can wait until you have 100% adequate diet before you buy a fat burner at a pharmacy … Don't throw your money out the window.

You now know all mine tips for continuing the sport successfully, avoid injury and above all to keep your motivation long term.

If you want advice, don't hesitate to contact me directly through my Facebook page.

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