Kidneys: Symptoms, remedies and prevention

Do you suffer from severe lower back pain? You've definitely made one nyretur!

This acute pain that radiates through the lower back usually prevents you from performing certain movements.

But what exactly is one nyretur? What are the symptoms and measures and, above all, how can you protect yourself with the right actions?
Discover all these answers in complete kidney guide.

What is a Kidney Matrix?

ONE nyretur is actually a language abuse to talk about a lumbago or acute lower back pain.

Pain usually occurs during an action such as lifting a heavy object in the wrong position, difficult movement, intense effort or sometimes just when coughing.

The lower back muscles are then contracted and hardened, and it becomes difficult to correct.
The pain is usually relieved when you fall asleep.

Kidneys: What do I do?

The first thing to do when you have kidney failure is to diagnose this with your doctor.
It will no doubt give you some pain relievers and a muscle relaxant to relax your lower back.

Some methods such as applying warm bags to compound areas will help to release muscle tension.

Stretching can also be effective. However, be careful, if you do not master this method, it may be advisable to visit a physical therapist who will be able to guide you for more safety.

However, be careful, too much rest and inactivity is not a long-term solution to solving the lumbago problem.
As soon as the pain persists, it is important to quickly resume an activity such as going to speed up the healing of the kidneys.

Preventive measures against kidney circumference

If you read this article you are probably already suffering from a kidney failure and you are looking for solutions to heal as soon as possible.
Unfortunately, you should know that a lumbago lasts a minimum of a few days and can sometimes have consequences for a few weeks …

To avoid finding yourself in this situation in the future, it is important to take certain preventive measures that can protect you from kidney failure!

Adopt good positions

The first step is to occupy a good position when you want to move an object, whether heavy or not.

Here are some tips you can follow to avoid the kidney:

  1. Always keep your back straight with a natural lower back arch.
    If you turn your back by lowering yourself, the force exerted on the intervertebral discs is greater.
    The core is projected toward the back of the membrane and can tear it apart, creating a herniated plate.
    Here is a chart that will help you understand the process better:
    back position to avoid kidney circumference
  2. Bend your legs so the pressure is on the legs, not on the back.
  3. Place your hands under the object to promise for better support.
  4. When using the item, Keep it as close to your body as possible to work biceps and not the back.

These tips should be used every day, every time you use something.
Kidney tricks often happen due to lack of attention …

Reinforce the clothing

howling to avoid the kidneys

ONE strengthening of the adbo-lumbar region is certainly the best prevention against lumbago1)Walking and muscle building to combat lower back pain.!
In fact, a lack of muscle building in this area leads to lower back instability2)Luggage compartment stability and damage., reduces the flexibility of the spine3)Luggage muscles and lower back pain..

A scientific study4)Basic stabilization exercises to combat low back pain. performed on adults suffering from low back pain have shown that these basic trunk stabilization exercises (like the plank) helped reduce back pain by 76.8%.

However, be aware that it is important to do the right work to effectively strengthen the lower back and fight back pain.
Here are my tips:

  1. You must Balance your work between strengthening the abdomen and lower back so as not to create a muscular imbalance between the front and back muscle chains, which will create even more tension.
  2. Target your work to the deep muscles 5)Trunk stabilization and lower back the transverse muscle in the abdomen which provides better support of the trunk.
    Most people who want abs focus on exercises like crunch that will develop the rectum, and neglect the isometric gain exercises that develop the deep muscles, which is a big mistake.
    Then you prioritize painting exercises like the plank or superman on the ground to avoid kidney tricks.
  3. Conduct a minimum of two rounds per week.
    These sessions don't have to be long, and you can do them very easily from home: you have no excuse!
    > Discover the best mowing exercises and a complete program.

This type of work should be a priority in your training program.
These are obviously not the most fun exercises, but they are important for keeping your back healthy.

Do aerobic physical activity

aerobic activity and kidney turn

According to a scientific study, regular aerobic exercise increases blood flow and the supply of nutrients in the soft tissue, which promotes healing processes and reduces muscle stiffness that causes back pain.

In addition, a sufficiently long aerobic activity (at least 30 minutes) increases the release of endorphin, reducing the sensation of pain in the body.
Endorphins actually act on our bodies in the same way as certain painkillers such as morphine6)Endorphins action on pain sensations..
Instead of consuming excess pharmaceutical painkillers, putting on your running shoes and walking for 30 minutes in the fresh air, this will do you the best.

Work your flexibility

kidney stretch

Good flexibility prevents tension in the lower back7)Stretch and back pain..

Regular stretch in the back, psoas and hamstring muscles8)Stretches the hamstring muscles for lumbar movements. will release the lower back with many tensions and will give a better pelvic posture.

Try to include two to three flexibility sessions per week, why not by combining it with the mantle exercises.

Lose weight

Statistically, overweight people are more likely to have lower back pain than healthy weight people9)Weight loss and lower back pain..

Many factors are involved, which may explain this link:

  1. Mechanical factors: an overweight person puts more strain on the spine than a fit person, especially in poor postures.
  2. Physiological factors: An obese person develops chronic inflammation much easier, especially when the fat is in the abdomen.
    This inflammatory state sensitizes your nervous system, making you more likely to feel pain all over your body.
  3. Psychological factors: Being overweight can be a source of significant stress, but also to depression due to social exclusion.
    Greater stress promotes muscle tension, especially in the lower back.

In addition, being overweight is often associated with a more sedentary lifestyle, which promotes muscle wasting and therefore a greater likelihood of having kidney failure …

If you currently have too much fat and have low back pain, setting up a personal exercise program and a customized diet will help you get out of this vicious circle!

The nyretur, lower back pain or chronic low back pain are symptoms you can avoid by applying a better quality of life:

  • regular physical activity
  • balanced diet to maintain a healthy weight and avoid chronic inflammation
  • good attitudes when moving certain loads …

The lumbago is usually due to insufficient muscle strength in the abdominal and lumbar region and lack of flexibility, combined with poor posture during movement.

If you regularly suffer from kidney failure, you must definitely set up an appropriate exercise program, and especially not fall into the trap of prolonged rest and lack of physical activity, which will only worsen the situation.

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